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Academic Programme

The Study Abroad Programme is an opportunity for students studying at overseas institutions to study at City for a semester or a whole year, and receive credit towards their degree back at home.

Applications are welcome from individual students, as well as from our established partners.  When you apply you will be asked to select up to eight City modules that you would like to take with us.  Most modules are worth 7.5 ECTS or four US semester hours and usually students would take four modules in a semester.  Before arriving we will ask you to make your final selection of four modules before arriving at City.

Students applying for the Study Abroad Programme are responsible for ensuring that their home institution will award them credit for their time at City.  Students should ensure that the modules they take with us will fulfil any degree requirements, and the Study Abroad Office is happy to provide syllabi and reading lists for home institution approval.

At the end of your programme at City we will provide a full transcript of your courses and results.

Study options

The following subject areas are available to students on the Study Abroad Programme:

Application forms and advice for students applying directly to City are available from here