Human-centric Systems


"Requirements Engineering with Scenarios in User-Centred Environments"

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Prof Neil Maiden 

Research staff: Dr Sara Jones

Total funding: Euro193,548
Funding source: Eurocontrol
Duration: From September 2000 with continued funding.

Project description

RESCUE is an innovative process, with software tool support, for specifying requirements for socio-technical systems. Process guidance and the software tools have been tailored to the air traffic control domain. It integrates applied research and best-practice in:

RESCUE supports a concurrent engineering process in which different modelling and analysis processes take place in parallel. Furthermore the use of creativity workshops encourages requirements and design ideas to be discovered and elaborated together, so that requirements inform high-level design selection, and candidate acceptable designs restrict and constrain requirements to those that are viable.

Successful uses of the RESCUE process

RESCUE has been successfully applied to determine stakeholder requirements for CORA-2 (Conflict Resolution Assistant), a system that will provide computerised assistance to air traffic controllers to resolve potential conflicts between aircraft. It is currently being applied again in the NATS-DMAN project to determine requirements for Eurocontrol's Departure Manager system; in the MSP project to identify requirements for Eurocontrol's Multi-Sector Planning System and in the EASM project to assist NATS in determining the feasibility and options for Flexible Use of Airspace.

Project collaborators

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