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Assessing BSL Development Production Test

Assessing BSL Development: Production Test (Narrative Skills)
Authors: Rosalind Herman, Nicola Grove, Sallie Holmes, Gary Morgan, Hilary Sutherland & Bencie Woll
City University Publication, London 2004

This test is for use by Deaf and hearing professionals working with Deaf children. The test assesses Deaf children's ability to remember and structure a narrative and use aspects of BSL grammar. Test users can compare children's scores with the average for their age group.

Test purchasers must achieve a minimum of Stage 2 BSL (CACDP/Signature) and attend a 4 day training course before using this test. Training courses are run every two years.

Contents of test package:
Tester's manual
Test video & DVD
How to use the test presented in BSL on the test video & DVD
Master score-sheet

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