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Sign Language Assessment Clinic

Who is the service for?

The Sign Language Assessment Clinic aims to provide a specialist communication assessment service for:

What is on offer?

Our team is experienced in developing assessment materials for sign language users and in researching communication and communication disorders in deaf people.

We offer an individualised communication assessment carried out by qualified deaf and hearing specialists:

Following the assessment, a report is provided with guidelines for intervention programmes. The report can be tailored to meet the needs of educational, legal or medical contexts.

The clinic is held on a once weekly basis during University term-time. Individuals are invited to attend with their families and/or key-workers. In some circumstances, the assessment can be carried out using video recordings of the client.

The fee for an assessment depends on the required staffing, but is typically
£400 for a communication assessment and £600 for a more comprehensive
assessment including Educational Psychology assessment and/or reading. (information regarding subsidised fees available upon request).

Referral Form 

Please send the referral form to Bethan Lewis