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CitySpark Programme

CitySpark is a business design and doing competition that helps City students and recent alumni to develop a business idea, test it out with potential customers and then make it happen!

Take part and you can:

  • Win cash prizes for your team's ideas
  • Get skills to make you more attractive in the job market
  • Understand what it takes to start your own enterprise
  • Learn how to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality!

Past winners have even used their prize money to launch their own businesses!

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Our goals

Since 2009, CitySpark has taught City students enterprise skills and provided a risk-free environment in which student teams can develop ideas for new or improved products, services or social enterprises.

CitySpark has two goals that respond to student demand for new practical skills and the government-led strategy to foster employability and enterprise in a challenging environment:

  1. To teach enterprise skills, e.g. teamwork, presentation and pitching, writing business cases, innovation and creativity, to teams of students keen to enhance their employability;
  2. To generate student enterprise, e.g. proactive goal achievement, new for-profit and/or social and non-profit venture ideas or even newly-launched ventures.

CitySpark is driven by students' demands for the three Es:

  • Employability - acquiring a new mindset to shine at interviews and in new jobs;
  • Enterprise - developing new ways of starting projects and becoming proactive leaders;
  • Entrepreneurship - learning the skills and tools to launch new enterprises.