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London City Incubator

The London City Incubator (LCI) helps early-stage high-growth start-up businesses to prepare for investment


We accelerate the launch of innovative products and services into the market by engaging Cass Business School's MBA and other LCI Associates who have the necessary technical and commercial skills and the potential to become the managers and directors of the future.

Our sectors 

We focus primarily but not exclusively on high-growth sectors, including:

  • Clean Technology
  • Medical Devices
  • Digital Media

Opportunities for start-ups

If your technology or business is based outside City, visit our Working with Start-ups page to see what we can offer you or complete our Incubator Programme Entry Form.


Opportunities for students

If you are a PhD, MBA or other Masters student and would like the opportunity to get involved in live technology transfer and commercialisation projects while receiving top class training to do so, please complete the LCI Academy Registration Form to become a LCI Associate.

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