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Spin-Out Company Portfolio

Below is a list of some of the businesses that have been recently spun out at City University London. We welcome interest from parties looking for collaboration or investment opportunities:

Heliex Power

Developed by Professor Ian Smith, Heliex Power is a spin-out company in the renewable energy sector. The core technology is a device known as the steam screw expander, a novel rotary expander which can recover low grade energy from steam and use it to generate electricity.

Virtual Tutor Ltd

Virtual Tutor is a spin-out company created by Professor Maggie Nicol from the School of  Health Sciences, to develop and sell interactive e-learning software to teach nurses how to use medical devices.


Totempower was formed to commercialise a novel wind-turbine technology that utilises wind energy efficiently, particularly at low wind speeds. The new venture targets the small wind-power market for both domestic and commercial purposes.