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Department of Mathematics

Mathematics Centre Publications (2003)

Journal Papers

  • A. Doikou and P. P. Martin "Hecke algebra approach to the reflection equation for spin chains" J. of Physics A 36, 2203-2225 (2003).
  • A. G. Cox, J. J. Graham and P. P. Martin "The blob algebra in positive characteristic" J. of Algebra 266, 584-635 (2003). 
  • E. Pelantova and R. Twarock "Tiles in quasicrystals with cubic irrationality" J. of Physics A 36, 4091-4111 (2003).
  • P. P. Martin and D. Woodcock "Generalized blob algebras and alcove geometry LMS" Journal of Computation and Mathematics 6, 249-296 (2003).
  • R. Twarock "Quadratic algebras in traffic flow models" Rep. Math. Phys. 51, 381-389 (2003).
  • S. R. H. Ryom-Hansen "The Schaper Formula and the Lascoux, Leclerc and Thibon algorithm" Lett. Math. Phys. 64, 213-219 (2003).
  • S. R. H. Ryom-Hansen "A q-analogue of Kempf's vanishing theorem Moscow Math" J. 3 (2003).
  • S. R. H. Ryom-Hansen "Some remarks on Ext groups" J. reine angew. Math. 562, 23-26 (2003).
  • U. Grimm and P. P. Martin "The bubble algebra: structure of a two-colour Temperley-Lieb algebra" J. of Physics A 36, 10551-10572 (2003). 
  • V. Mazorchuk and R. Twarock "Virasoro-type algebras associated with a Penrose tiling" J. of Physics A 36, 4363-4373 (2003).

Conference Papers

  • R. Twarock "Quadratic algebras in simple exclusion modelsGroup 24 : Physical and Mathematical aspects of symmetries" Inst. Phys. Conf. Ser. 173, 703-706 (2003).

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