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Department of Mathematics

Awarded research degrees

Title of Thesis
Hadjichrysanthou, C.
Broom, M.
Evolutionary models in structured populations.
PhD Aug 2012
Valani, Y.P.
Cox, A.
On the partition function for the three-dimensional Ising model.
PhD Oct 2011
Adamou-Graham, P.
Daniels, P.
Plume flows in porous media driven by horizontal differential heating.
PhD Feb 2009
Mehta, S.N.
Daniels, P.
Pattern formation in a confined porous medium heated from below.
PhD Feb 2011
Goncalves De Assis, P.
Fring, A.
Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians in field theory.
PhD May 2010
Smith, M.
Fring, A.
Anitlinear deformations of Coxeter groups with application to Hamiltonian systems.
PhD Nov 2012
Talabany, J.
Kerr, O.
The onset of double-diffusive instability in evolving sidewall heating.
PhD Aug 2009
Lawal, E.
Kerr, O.
Instabilities from the Lateral Heating of a Stratified Fluid Layer.
PhD Oct 2011
Alwis, L.S.
Grattan, K.
Optimisation of polymer coated long period grading-based sensors.
PhD Jul 2013
Banjo, E.O.
Alvarez, M.
Mathematical Modelling of Complex Systems via Representation Theory.
PhD Apr 2013
Jegan, M.
Cox, A.
Homomorphisms between bubble algebra modules.
PhD Apr 2013

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