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Department of Computer Science

Completed Research Projects

Visiting Researcher Grant Funded member: Kostas Stathis
Total funding: £ 2,921
Funding source: The Royal Academy of Engineering
Duration: 2005

Relational Neural Symbolic Systems Funded member: Artur Garcez
Total funding: £ 4,899
Funding source: The Nuffield Foundation
Duration: 2003-2006

SOCS: Societies of Computers Funded member: Kostas Stathis
Total funding: £ 197,322
Funding source: The European Commission
Duration: 2002-2005
Overview: The growing complexity of distributed systems calls for models and technologies that promote system predictability and verification. Formal methods and declarative technologies have recently witnessed a growing interest as a vehicle to address such issues. The SOCS project aims at a providing computational logic model for the description, analysis and verification of global and open societies of heterogeneous computees, intended as abstractions of the entities that populate open and global computing environments.

Agent Cities Funded member: Michael Schroeder
Total funding: £ 4,710
Funding source: DFKI
Duration: 2002-2003
Overview: Investigating the Control and Management of Agents and Services and developing infrastructure for the AgentCities European Network of Excellence AgentCities by integrating services such as visualisation, termination detection, trading and market-based resource allocation

Neural Information Processing Funded member: Artur Garcez
Total funding: £ 1,391
Funding source: Royal Society
Duration: 2002

Formalising Role Based Interactions Funded member: Kostas Stathis
Total funding: £ 4,100
Funding source: The Nuffield Foundation
Duration: 2001-2004

Eureka Initiative Funded member: Bernie Cohen
Total funding: £ 35,941
Funding source: Boxer Research Ltd.
Duration: 2001

PATIA: Adaptive Management Systems for Distributed Web Services Funded member: Julie McCann
Total funding: £ 27,067
Funding source: EPSRC
Duration: 2000-2002
Overview: The viability of future Internet applications will depend on their scalability. The Patia project aims to carry out studies into data placement and request scheduling to prototype an adaptive webserver management system.

Revise 3.0 Funded member: Michael Schroeder
Total funding: £ 58,398
Funding source: EPSRC
Duration: 1999-2002
Overview: Model based diagnosis systems working with extended logic programming.

Evaluation of Knowledge Level Framework Funded member: Andrew Tuson
Total funding:
£ 20,376
Funding source:
DeraDuration: 1999-2000

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