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Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering Research Grants

Principal InvestigatorCo-InvestigatorsProject TitleFunderAmount awarded to City (excl. partners)Start DateEnd Date (incl. no-cost extension)
Atkin, Chris AFLoNext - Active flow, loads & noise control on next generation wingThe European Commission£69,53001.06.201331.05.2017
Atkin, Chris Studentship - Industrial CASE Account - City University 2012Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council£67,44301.10.201230.09.2017
Atkin, Chris Controllability of Saturating CrossFlow Vortices £75,00001.05.201230.04.2015
Atkin, Chris LCF-UK: Development of Underpinning Technology for Laminar Flow ControlEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council£309,88801.03.201128.02.2016
Atkin, Chris Studentship - Influence of attachment line flow on form drag £60,00001.10.200930.09.2012
Carlton, John Singing propellers: Understanding the Mechanisms and the Development of Design Guidance £154,00001.01.201231.12.2015
Gavaises, Manolis Understanding non-spherical droplet vaporisation of single-component hydrocarbon fuels and multi-component biofuel blends (NonSphericalDroplet) Fellow: Andreas TheodorakakosThe European Commission FP7 Marie Curie£241,80601.01.201431.12.2015
Gavaises, Manolis Modelling of Cavitation in Diesel Fuel Injectors £60,00010.06.201310.12.2013
Gavaises, Manolis Investigation of non-spherical droplets in high-pressure fuel spraysEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council£232,51701.09.201331.08.2016
Gavaises, Manolis Droplet Impingement on Non-flat Surfaces (NonFlatImpingement) IEF: Nick NikolopoulosThe European Commission FP7 Marie Curie£222,88201.07.201330.06.2015
Gavaises, Manolis Cavitation bubble cloud dynamics and surface erosion in high pressure fuel systems for medium/heavy duty Diesel engines (CAVFuelSystem) - Fellow: Andreas TheodorakakosThe European Commission F07 Marie Curie£271,82401.01.201431.12.2016
Gavaises, Manolis Modelling Diesel Furl and Cavitation in Injectors £100,00001.04.201331.01.2014
Gavaises, Manolis FAEFID - Characterisation of Fuel Additives Effect on Fuel Injector DesignThe European Commission FP7 Marie Curie£226,62001.04.201331.03.2016
Gavaises, Manolis International Institute for Cavitation ResearchLloyds Educational Trust£309,00001.01.201231.12.2015
Gavaises, Manolis The Delphi Chair in Diesel FIE Fluid Dynamics £300,00001.10.200930.09.2012
Kovacevic, Ahmed Personal chair: Howden Compressors Ltd - extension 2013/14 £100,00001.06.201331.05.2014
Kovacevic, AhmedFain, NusaIntegration of Marketing and R&D in New Product Development £170,00001.03.201130.11.2012
Lockett, Russel Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurement of Liquid Volume Fraction in Diesel Nozzles £140,60001.11.201330.04.2015
Lockett, Russel Cavitation in Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment (FIE) Valves £202,50001.11.201331.10.2016
Lockett, Russel The Effect of Hydrodynamic Cavitation on Diesel £150,00001.11.201330.04.2015
Lockett, Russel The Characterisation of Diesel Cavitation using Time Resolved Imaging £70,00001.10.200931.12.2012
Ma, Qingwei froth: Fundamentals and Reliability of Offshore Structure HydrodynamicsEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council£234,07631.10.201230.10.2015
Ma, Qingwei New generation tool for estimating wave/current loads of marine structure comprising of slender membersFinance South East - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council£104,42104.08.201130.09.2012
Ma, QingweVenkatachalam. SiriamNonlinear interactions between violent waves and elastic structures - Int. Newton FellowshipRoyal Society£99,00006.02.200905.02.2011
Pinelli, AlfredoOnidyeganeh, MohammadPEL-SKIN: A novel kind of surface coatings in aeronauticsThe European Commission FP7£84,41101.06.201331.05.2015
Pullen, Keith Vehicle Electrical System Integration (VESI) Phase 2Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council£74,92701.10.201330.09.2015
Pullen, KeithSayma, NaserSLaME (Selective Laser Melting for Engines)Technology Strategy Board£121,85101.09.201331.08.2015
Pullen, Keith "FC-AMS-Pac" (Fuel Cell Air management System Package) based on innovative turbo-compressor technologyTechnology Strategy Board£94,88201.202.201231.03.2012
Sayma, Abdul Naser H2-IGCCThe European Commission FP7£133,40601.01.201331.10.2013
Sayma, Abdul NaserPullen, KeithOMSoP - Optimised Microturbine Solar Power systemThe European Commission FP7£725,64201.02.201331.01.2017
Stosic, Nikola Software Licence - Disoc Scorpath £70,74001.04.201128.02.2013
Stosic, Nikola Full Mechanical Design of 7 Compressors £148,00020.09.201031.01.2012
Stosic, Nikola Predesign Study and Rotor Basic Design £35,00027.01.201023.07.2010
Stosic, Nikola Design study of N- rotor profiles £39,00001.05.201031.10.2010
Stosic, Nikola Design of High Pressure Oil Flooded Gas Compressor £69,00001.09.200928.02.2010
Stosic, Nikola Software Licence plus rotor design £41,20001.01.201028.02.2010
Gavaises, Manolis Simulation of cavitation and erosion in fuel injection systems of medium/heavy duty Diesel engines at injection pressures reaching 3000barThe European Commission FP7 Marie Curie£1,167,00001.01.201331.12.2017
Atkin, Chris SANTANA - System Advances in Nacelle Technology AerodyNAmicsTechnology Strategy Board£311,28301.04.201331.03.2016
Pullen, KeithNouri, JamshidLow Cost Laminated Electric Flywheel (LCLEF)Technology Strategy Board£280,00001.08.201331.07.2014
Ma, QingweiYan, SMulti-scale Two-Phase wave-structure interaction using adaptive SPH coupled with QALE-FEMEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council£233,61801.03.201428.02.2017
Atkin, Chris StudentshipEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council£98,92401.10.201331.03.2017
Ma, Qingwei FPSO sloshing analysisAMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING£21,42901.12.200830.10.2009

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