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Fluids Engineering Centre Publications 2012


  • A. Nikolopoulos, N. Nikolopoulos, N. Varveris, S. Karellas, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras    Particuology  "Investigation of proper modeling of very dense granular flows in the recirculation system of CFBs" Vol. 10, pp. 699- 709 (2012)
  • Bauer, D., Chaves, H.,  Arcoumanis, C. Measurement Science and Technology    "Measurements of void fraction distribution in cavitating pipe flow using x-ray CT" Vol. 23, No.5 (2012)
  • I. Smith;  A. Kovacevic; N.Stosic Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer (FHMT)  "Numerical and experimental research in heat transfer to screw compressor rotors" (2012)
  • I.K. Karathanassis, E. Papanicolaou, V. Belessiotis, G.C. Bergeles Applied Thermal Engineering "Multi-objective design optimization of a micro heat sink for Concentrating Photovoltaic/Thermal (CPVT) systems using a genetic algorithm" pp. 1-12  (2012)
  • N. Nikolopoulos , G. Strotos , K.S. Nikas , G. Bergeles Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer    "The effect of Weber number on the central binary collision outcome between unequal-sized droplets" Vol. 55, pp. 2137-2150 (2012)
  • N. Nikolopoulos, A. Nikolopoulos, T.S. Larsen, K.-S. Nikas Building and Environment     "Experimental and numerical investigation of the tracer gas methodology in the case of a naturally cross-ventilated building" Vol. 56,  pp. 379-388 (2012)
  • N. Thouault, C. Breitsamter, J. Seifert, C. Badalamenti, S.A. Prince; N.A. Adams AIAA Journal    "Numerical Analysis of a Rotating Cylinder with Spanwise Discs" (2012)
  • N.Nikolopoulos, R. Isemin, O. Milovanov Int. J. of Chemical Engineering and Applications    "A new modeling approach and new Two-Stage reactor for straw pellets torrefaction for energy"  Vol. 3, No.5 (2012)
  • V.A. Riziotis, G.M. Katsaounis, G. Papadakis, S.G. Voutsinas, G. Bergeles, G.D. Tzabiras    Ocean Engineering    "Numerical and experimental analysis of the hydroelastic behavior of purse seine nets" Vol. 58, pp. 88-105 (2012)
  • Vick, M. J.; Jadaan, O. M.; Wereszczak, A. A.; Choi, S. R.; Heyes, A. L.;  Pullen K. R.     Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power "Engine design strategies to maximize ceramic turbine life and reliability" Vol.134 (8) (2012)


  • A Kovacevic, E. Chukanova, N. Stosic , S.Rane    International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) "Identification and Quantification of Start up Process in Oil Flooded Screw Compressors" Nov. 9-15, Houston 2012, Texas, USA
  • A. KOVACEVIC; E. CHUKANOVA; A. DHUNPUT Compressor Technology Conference 2012    "Investigation of Start Up Process in Oil Flooded Twin Screw Compressors" July  2012, Lafayette, IN
  • A. Nikolopoulos, N. Nikolopoulos, A. Charitos, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras, A.R. Bildwe, G. Varela, G. Zieba, M. Scheffknecht    FBC21 Conference "Numerical investigation and experimental validation of an isothermal CFD model developed for a CFB carbonator"    June 3-6 2012, Naples
  • A. Nikolopoulos, N. Nikolopoulos, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras  FBC21 Conference  "PSD incorporation in full-loop CFD modeling of CFBs"  June 3-6, Naples
  • Atkin  C.; Gowree, E. R. 28th Int. congress of the Aeronautical Sciences "Recent developments to the viscous Garabedian and Korn method" Brisbane, Australia 2012
  • Atkin  C.; Gowree, E. R. 47th Int. Symposium of Applied Aerodynamics "Experimental investigation of the behaviour of the flow in the vicinity of an incompressible turbulent attachment line"  March 2012, Paris, France
  • Atkin, C.;  Durka, T. RAeS Applied Aerodynamics Conference "Influence of N-factor selection of predicted performance of NLF aerofoils" July 2012, Bristol, UK
  • D Buckney, A Kovacevic; E. Mujic Compressor Technology Conference 2012 "Some Aspects of Estimating Geometric Characteristics of Screw Compressors"  July  2012, Lafayette, IN   
  • E.R.Gowree; S.A.Prince    Int. Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS2012)    "A Computational Study of the Aerodynamics of a Spinning Cylinder in Crossflow Of High Reynolds Number"    September 2012, Brisbane, Australia
  • I. Smith; Ashvin Dhunput;  N.Stosic;  A. Kovacevic  Compressor Technology Conference 2012 "Use of New Generation Instruments in Measurement of New Steam Expander"     July  2012, Lafayette, IN 
  • K. Atsonios, I. Vorrias, A. Nikolopoulos, N. Nikolopoylos, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras  10th European Conference on Coal Research and its Applications "Calcium Looping for CO2 capture from a lignite fired power plant" University of Nottingham, 10-12 Sep.
  • Mitroglou  N.;  M. Gavaises; A. Theodorakakos SIA conference on Diesel Powersystems    "Cavitation simulation and experimental verification using a new Diesel nozzle design concept" 5-6 June, INSA de Rouen, France
  • Mitroglou N.;  M. Gavaises    IMechE - Injection Systems for IC Engines "Experimental investigation of the effect of cavitation on spray stability for a VCO and a new Diesel nozzle design concept" 14-15 March, London, UK
  • N. Nikolopoulos, A. Nikolopoulos, E. Karampinis, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras    ICAE "A comprehensive numerical approach of CFB units modeling by means of CFD"    July 5-8, Suzhou, China
  • N. Nikolopoulos, M. Agraniotis, E. Karampinis, A. Nikolopoulos, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras    9th European Conference on Coal Research and its Applications "Parametric investigation of a renewable alternative for utilities adopting the co-firing lignite/biomass concept" University of Nottingham, 10-12 Sep.
  • Nouri J. M.; Mackenzie S.;  Gaskell C.; Dhunput A. IMechE Conf. on Injection System for IC Engines    "Effect of viscosity and temperature on in-nozzle flow and cavitation in a multi-hole injector" May, London, UK
  • Nucara, P; Sayma, A. I. ASME turbo expo "Effects of using Hydrogen-rich syngas in industrial gas turbines while maintaining fuel flexibility on a multistage axial compressor design" Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2012
  • P. Grammelis, M. Agraniotis, M. Karampinis, N. Nikolopoulos, E. Kakaras, C. Papapavlou    European Biomass Conference  "Study on technical and financial feasibility of biomass co-firing in a Greek lignite poer plant" Milan, Italy 2012
  • R. Isemin, S. Kuzmin, V. Konyakhin, A. Mikhalev, D. Viryasov, O. Milovanov, N.Nikolopoulos, E. Karampinis, N. Margaritis, P. Grammelis    Int. Symp. on Sustainable Energy in Buildings and Urban Areas  "THE NEW STRAW PELLETS COMBUSTION BOILER FOR HEATING BULDINGS (SITUATION IN GREECE AND RUSSIA)"    July 14-20, 2012, Kusadasi, Turkey   
  • R.L. Isemin, S.N. Kuzmin, V.V. Konyakhin, A.V. Michalev, D. Viryasov, O. Milovanov, N. Nikolopoulos, E. Karampinis, P. Grammelis    Int. Symp. on Sustainable Energy in Buildings and Urban Areas    "The new straw pellets combustion boiler for heating buildings"  July 14-20, 2012, Kusadasi, Turkey 
  • S. A. Prince, V. Khodagolian; R. Gaind Int. Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS2012)  "An Experimental Study of a Pulsed Air Jet and an Acoustic Synthetic Jet on a Low Speed Turbulent Boundary Layer" September 2012, Brisbane, Australia
  • S.A.Prince; N. G. Goizueta  Int. Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS2012) "An Experimental and Numerical Study of the Effect of Nose Blunting on a Conical Nosed Body at Transonic Speed" September 2012, Brisbane, Australia
  • Sham RANE, A. KOVACEVIC ; Madhulika KETHIDI Compressor Technology Conference 2012 "CFD Modelling in Screw Compressors with complex multi rotor configurations "     July  2012, Lafayette, IN
  • Theodorakakos A.;  N. Mitroglou;  M. Gavaises 8th Int. Symposium on Cavitation    "Simulation of heating effects in cavitating flows through Diesel fuel injectors caused by extreme fuel pressurisation" 13-16 August, Singapore
  • Yanling Li; Sayma, A. I ASME turbo expo 2012 "Effects of blade damage on the performance of transonic axial compressor rotor" Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2012    2012

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