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Fluids Engineering Centre Publications 2011


  •  A. Kovacevic; I. Smith; E.Mujic; N.Stosic Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering    "Extending the Role of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Screw Machines" 225: 83     (2011)
  • A.A. Nezis,  D.I. Angelidis, V.D. Assimakopoulos; G.C. Bergeles Int. J. Environment and Pollution "On the Wind Flow patterns Under Neutral and Unstable Conditions in an Areas" Vol. 47, pp. 257-267 (2011)
  • E. Karampinis, N. Nikolopoulos, A. Nikolopoulos, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras  Applied Energy "Numerical investigation Greek lignite/cardoon co-firing in a tangentially fired furnace" (2011)
  • G. Strotos, G. Aleksis, M. Gavaises, K-S Nikas, N. Nikolopoulos, A. Theodorakakos    Int. J. of Heat and Mass Transfer "'Non-dimensionalisation parameters for predicting the cooling effectiveness of droplets impinging on moderate temperature solid surfaces' " Vol. 50, pp. 698-711 (2011)
  • George Strotos, Manolis Gavaises, Andreas Theodorakakos, George Bergeles  Fuel    "Numerical investigation of the evaporation of two-component droplets" Vol. 90, pp. 1492-1507 (2011)
  • Howey, D. A.; Holmes, A. S.;  Pullen, K. R. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS "Measurement and CFD Prediction of Heat Transfer in Air-Cooled Disc-Type Electrical Machines"  Vol.47(4), pp.1716-1723 (2011)
  • I. Smith; E.Mujic;  A. Kovacevic; N.Stosic Int. Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems    "Review of Mathematical Models in Performance Calculation of Screw Compressors"    Vol.4 (2), pp.1882-9554 (2011)
  • I. Smith; E.Mujic;  A. Kovacevic; N.Stosic  Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A     "Geometry of screw compressor rotors and their tools"  Feb. 27, (2011)
  • I. Smith; E.Mujic;  A. Kovacevic; N.Stosic Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering    "Steam as the Working Fluid for Power Recovery from Exhaust Gases by Means of Screw Expanders"    225: 117 (2011)
  • J. Carlton  J. of Marine, Engineering and Technology "The Nuclear Propulsion of Merchant Ships: Aspects of Engineering, Science and Technology" April (2011)
  • J. Carlton Navigation and Bridge "Frozen Assets"  July (2011)
  • K. Atsonios, A. Nikolopoulos, S. Karellas, N. Nikolopoulos, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras    Chemical Engineering Science    'Numerical investigation of the grid spatial resolution and the anisotropic character of EMMS in CFB multiphase flow' (2011)
  • N. Nikolopoulos, G. Bergeles Int. J. of Heat and Mass Transfer "The effect of gas and liquid properties and droplet size ratio on on the central collision between two unequal-size droplets in the reflexive regime" Vol. 54, pp. 678-691 (2011)
  • Nouri, J. M., Kim S.., Yan Y.,  Arcoumanis C. Fuel "Effects of intake flow and coolant temperature on the spatial fuel distribution in a spray-guided DISI engine using PLIF" (2011)
  • S. A. Prince; V. Khodagolian  AIAA Journal "Experimental Study of Low Speed Static Stall Suppression Using Steady and Pulsed Air Jet Vortex Generator Flow Control" Vol. 49 (3), pp. 642-654 (2011)
  • Sayma, A. I. NAFEMS International Journal of CFD "Towards virtual testing of compression systems in gas turbine engines" Vol. 9 (2011)
  • T.S. Larsen, N. Nikolopoulos, A. Nikolopoulos, G. Strotos, K.-S. Nikas    Energy and Buildings  "Characterization and prediction of the volume flow rate aerating a cross ventilated building by means of experimental techniques and numerical approaches"    Vol.43 (6), pp. 1371-1381 (2011)


  • Mitroglou N.;  M. Gavaises  Droplet Impact Phenomena and Spray Investigations Workshop 2011 "Cavitation Inside Enlarged And Real-Size Fully Transparent Injector Nozzles And Its Effect On Near Nozzle Spray Formation" 27 May 2011, Bergamo, Italy   
  • Mitroglou N.;  M. Gavaises;  A. Theodorakakos 4th ANSA & μETA conference "Cavitation Simulation and Experimental Verification using a New Diesel Nozzle Design Concept" 1-3 June 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • D Buckney, A Kovacevic; N Stosic Int. Conf. on Compressors and Their Systems    "Consideration of Clearances in the Design of Screw Compressor Rotors" 5-6 September  2011, London, UK 
  • D. Angelidis, V. Assimakopoulos; G. Bergeles 4th HRLM "3D Flow and pollutant dispersion simulation in organized cubic structures"  Sept. 2011, Beijing 
  • E. Karampinis, N. Nikolopoulos, A. Nikolopoulos, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras    ICAE Conference    "Numerical investigation Greek lignite / Cardoon co-firing in a tangentially fired furnace"  Perugia, Italy 2011
  • I. Karathanassis, E. Papanicolaou, V. Belessiotis; G. Bergeles  3rd Micro and nano Conference "Design and Optimization of a Micro Heat Sink for Concentrating Photovoltaic/Thermal (CPVT) Systems"  August 2011,  Thessaloniki, Greece
  • I. Papadakis, N. Nikolopoulos, K.S Nikas 4th Int. Conf. on Experiments/Process/System Modeling/Simulation/Optimization "Air Pollutant dispersion in an Urban Environment using CFD"  Athens, 6-9 July 2011
  • I. Smith; A. Kovacevic; N.Stosic 8th Thermal Engineering Joint Conf. (AJTEC2011)    "Numerical and experimental research in heat transfer to screw compressor rotors"    13-17 March 2011, Hawaii, USA 
  • M Kethidi, A Kovacevic; N Stosic Int. Conf. on Compressors and Their Systems    "Evaluation of Various Turbulence Models in Predicting Screw Compressor Flow Processes by CFD" 5-6 September  2011, London, UK 
  • Mitroglou N.; Gavaises M.; Nouri J.M.; Arcoumanis C. DIPSI Workshop 2011 "Cavitation Inside Enlarged and Real-Size Fully Transparent Injector Nozzles and its Effect on Near Nozzle Spray Formation"  27 May, Bergamo, Italy 
  • N. Nikolopoulos, A. Nikolopoulos, E. Karampinis, M. Agraniotis, I. Vorias, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras    ECM Conference "Numerical and Thermodynamic Calculations of Coal Combustion under enriched OxyFuel conditions" Cardiff, UK,  2011
  • N. Nikolopoulos, K.D. Panopoulos, N. Koukouzas, M. Cieplik ECM Conference    "Development and Implementation of a Numerical Model predicting Ash Formation mechanisms in Pulverized Fuel Boilers" Cardiff, UK 2011
  • N. Νikolopoulos, A. Nikolopoulos, T. S. Larsen, K. S. Nikas    ICAE Conference    "Experimental and numerical investigation of a naturally cross-ventilated building"    Perugia, Italy 2011
  • Nucara, P; Sayma, A. I. ASME turbo expo 2011 "Effects of using Hydrogen-rich syngas in Industrial gas turbines while maintaining fuel flexibility on compressor design"    Vancouver, Canada, June 2011
  • Wang, F, Sayma, A I, Peng, J; Huang, Y ASME turbo expo 2012 "Multi-Section droplet combustion model for spray combustion simulation" Vancouver, Canada, June 2012    2011

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