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Fluids Engineering Centre Publications 2008


  • Andriotis A.; Gavaises M.; Arcoumanis C.  J. Fluid Mech 'Vortex flow and Cavitation in Diesel Injector Nozzles' Vol.10, pp. 195-215 (2008)
  • Andriotis A.; Zifan A.; Gavaises M.; Liatsis P.; Pantos I.; Theodorakakos A.; Efstathopoulos E.; Katritsis D. Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions "A New Method of Three-dimensional Coronary Artery Reconstruction From X-Ray Angiography: Validation Against a Virtual Phantom and Multislice Computed Tomography" Vol.71, pp. 28-43   (2008)
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  • J. Carlton The Naval Architect "Acoustic Emissions and Hull Integrity" June (2008)
  • J. Carlton  Container Ship Focus  "Hydrodynamic Considerations in Fuel Efficiency"    Autumn (2008)
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  • Gavaises, M.; D. Papoulias; E. Giannadakis; A. Andriotis; N. Mitroglou; A. Theodorakakos  Conf. on Thermo- and Fluid-Dynamic Processes in Diesel Engines (THIESEL 2008)    "Comparison of cavitation formation and development in Diesel VCO nozzles with cylindrical and converging tapered holes"  8-10 Sept., Valencia, Spain    2008
  • I. Smith; A Kovacevic; N.Stosic; E. Mujic; D. Guerrato Int. Conference on Compressor and Refrigeration "Advances in Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Screw Compressors" September 2008, Xian, China 
  • I. Smith; A Kovacevic; N.Stosic; E. Mujic; D. Guerrato    IMechE  on Computational Fluid Dynamics    "Experimental Validation of CFD Calculations in Screw Compressors"    September 2008,London, UK 
  • I. Smith; A Kovacevic; N.Stosic; E. Mujic Int. Conf.'Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology'    "Reduction of Noise in Screw Compressors" 26-30 August, Istanbul, Turkey 2008
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  • A Kovacevic; I. Smith;N.Stosic; E. Mujic TMCE 2008  "An Integrated Mathematical Model for Twin-Screw Machines"  April 21-25,  Izmir, Turkey 2008
  • I. Smith; N.Stosic    Int. Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition  "Utilization of Expansion Work in Transcritical CO2 Heat Pumps in Combined Heating and Cooling" 6 November, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2008
  • A Kovacevic; I. Smith;  N.Stosic; E. Mujic  Int. Compressor Engineering Conference  "The Influence of the Discharge Port Shape on Screw Compressor Performance and Gas Pulsations"  Purdue, July 14-17 2008
  • A. Kovacevic; 7th International Conference LT "Educational, technological and sociological aspects of an international product design course" City University London 2008
  • G. Strotos; M. Gavaises; A. Theodorakakos; G. Bergeles    Int. Symp. on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer (ICHMT 2008 ) "EVAPORATION OF A SUSPENDED MULTICOMPONENT DROPLET UNDER CONVECTIVE CONDITIONS"    May 11-16, Marrakech, Morocco 
  • N. Nikolopoulos; A. Theodorakakos; G. Bergeles    ILASS 2008    "BINARY COLLISION BETWEEN UNEQUAL SIZED DROPLETS A NUMERICAL INVESTIGATION" 8-10 Sep., COMO, Italy 
  • A. Nikolopoulos, I. Rampidis, N. Nikolopoulos, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras    ILASS 2009    "Numerical investigation of 3-d transient combusting flow in a 1.2MWth pilot power plant"    8-10 Sep., COMO, Italy
  • A. Kovacevic;  International Design Conference  "Competence Development in an International Product Design Course" Dubrovnik - Croatia, May 19 - 22 2008
  • Swalen, M.J.P,  Konig, C. S. , Sayma, A. I.;  Khir A. W.  European Society for Artificial Organs  "Development of a novel ventricular assist device (VAD)" 3-6 Sep.2008,Geneva, Switzerland 2008
  • Arcoumanis  C.; Gavaises M.;  Nouri J.M. 8th Int. Symposium on Internal Combustion Diagnostics "The role of cavitation in fuel injection systems" 10-11th June, Kurhaus Baden-Baden    
  • Chiu-Hua Chang;  S.J. Bond;  C.W. Cheung  Air Transport Research Society Conference "The Expectation of After 'Open Skies' Between Taiwan and China" 6-10th July 2008, Athens, Greece 2008
  • Atkin, C. KATNET 2 Drag Reduction Workshop "Friction & Form Drag Reduction - Research Opportunities"  October 2008, Ascot, UK    
  • Atkin, C. 38th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference    "Laminar flow control: Leap or creep?"  June 2008, Seattle, USA   
  • M. Musaj;  S A Prince 46th AIAA Aerospace Science Conference "Computational and Experimental Investigation of the Aerodynamics of Unconventional W-wings" January 2008  
  • C. Badalamenti; S. A. Prince    26th AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conf. "The Effect of End Plates on a Rotating Cylinder in Crossflow"  August 2008, Hawaii 
  • Prince, S. A.,  Khodagolian, V., Singh, C. Mour, S. & Kokkalis, T.    Int. Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences     "Aerodynamic Stall Suppression on Aerofoil Sections Using Passive Air Jet Vortex Generators"    September 2008, Anchorage, Alaska    
  • Prince, S. A.; Bhatti, J. Int. Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences     "Low Speed Aerodynamics of Slender Square Cross Section Bodies" September 2008, Anchorage, Alaska    
  • M. Musaj; S. A. Prince Int. Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences  "Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Aerodynamics of Unconventional W Wings in Ground Effect" September 2008, Anchorage, Alaska    
  • C. Badalamenti; S. A. Prince Int. Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences     "Vortex Shedding From a Rotating Circular Cylinder in Crossflow at Moderate, Sub-Critical Reynolds Numbers and High Velocity Ratio"  September 2008, Anchorage, Alaska  
  • V. Khodagolian; S. A. Prince    SAE Congress    "Innovative Aerodynamic Flow control Technology with Potential Applications from Ground Vehicles to Rotary and Stationary Wings"  October 2008, Brazil

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