Department of Civil Engineering
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  2. Fluids Engineering Centre
  3. Multi-scale Geotechnical Engineering
  4. Temporary Works & Construction Method Engineering
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Department of Civil Engineering



Computational Fluid Dynamics & Multi-Phase Flows

Professor M. GavaisesProfessor M. Gavaises (Professor Delphi Chair in Fluid dynamics)

Professor A. Pinelli (Professor of Fluid Simulation)

Dr K Vogiatzaki (Lecturer in CFD)

Dr M. Omidyeganeh (Lecturer in Fluid Simulation)

Hydrodynamic Engineering Group

Professor Q. Ma (Professor of Hydrodynamics)

Dr S.Yan (Lecturer in Hydrodynamics)  

Experimental Fluid Dynamics

Professor J. Nouri (Professor of Experimental Fluid Mechanics)

Professor J. Carlton (Professor of Marine Engineering)  

Dr R. Lockett (Senior Lecturer in Fuels & Combustion)  

Engines and Fluid Machinery

Professor A. Sayma (Professor of Energy Engineering)

Professor A.C. Arcoumanis (Professor of Mechanical Engineering)

Professor K. Pullen (Professor of Energy Systems)

Professor A. Kovacevic (Professor Howden Chair in Engineering Design and Compressor Technology)    

Professor I. Smith (Professor in Positive Displacement of Compressor Technology)    

Professor N. Stosic (Professor in Positive Displacement of Compressor Technology)    

Dr N. Mitroglou (Lecturer in Energy Engineering)

Aeronautics & Airtransport

Professor C. Atkin (Professor of Aeronautical Engineering)

Professor M. Gaster FRS (Professor of Aeronautical Engineering)

Dr S. Prince (Senior Lecturer in Aeronautical Engineering)

Dr C. Cheung (Senior Lecturer in Aeronautical Engineering)

Professor L. Wootton (Professor of Engineering)

Dr. I. Sikora (Senior Lecturer in Air transport Engineering)

Mr C. Turkoglu (Senior Lecturer in Air transport Engineering)

Dr Q. Zhang (Lecturer in Aeronautical Engineering)

Research Staff

Computational Fluid Dynamics & Multi-Phase Flows

Professor G. Bergeles (Marie Curie Fellow)     

Dr A. Theodorakakos (Marie Curie Fellow)

Dr N. Nikolopoulos (Marie Curie Fellow)

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