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Department of Civil Engineering

Hydrodynamics Research Group

Our research in this group is to serve marine engineering industry, particularly in the following sectors:

  • Water-bound transportation
  • Offshore oil and gas engineering
  • Marine renewable energy
  • Coastal engineering
  • Marine environment

The aim of our research is to find solutions for challenging problems related to the above sectors, including but not limited to:

  1. Ocean wave dynamics, in particular extreme waves and freak waves
  2. Water wave impact
  3. Violent sloshing in a liquid tank
  4. Nonlinear and liner wave loadings on marine structures
  5. Nonlinear and linear interaction between water and structures
  6. Vortex shedding and Vortex Induced vibrations/motions
  7. Oil spill dynamics
  8. Nano-fluid dynamics

For these purposes, we have developed various numerical methods and computers codes including:

  • QALE-FEM codes based on fully nonlinear potential wave theory and dealing with wave dynamics and nonlinear interaction between waves and structures
  • MLPG_R codes based on full Navier-Stokes equations and deal with violent waves and their interaction with structures
  • Hybrid methods based on potential and viscous flow models for achieving acceptable results using less computational time.

The group also performs experimental studies on marine hydrodynamics by collaboration with other universities.

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