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  1. Awarded Degrees
Department of Civil Engineering

Awarded Degrees

Student Supervisor Title of Thesis Year
Wang, G. Arcoumanis, D. Characterisation of the wall fuel film in a simulated engine intake port. PhD Oct 2008
Dhunput, A. Arcoumanis, D. Oil transport in piston ring assemblies. PhD Jul 2009
Liverani, L. Arcoumanis, D. Cavitation in Real-Size Diesel Injector Nozzles. PhD Nov 2010
Quinn, C.A. Bond, S. Examining the influence of safety management in the personal spaceflight industry. PhD Dec 2011
Chang, C.H. Cheung, C. Airline development strategies and feasibility study on establishing a low cost carrier in Taiwan. PhD Mar 2009
Andriotis, A. Gavaises, M. Investigation of Cavitation inside Multi-hole Injectors for large Diesel Engines and its Effect on the Near-nozzle Spray Structure. PhD Feb 2011
Mujic, E. Kovacevic, A. A numerical and experimental investigation of pulsation induced noise in screw compressors. PhD Mar 2009
Marchi, A. Nouri, J.M. Internal flow and spray characteristics of an outwards opening pintle-type gasoline-injector. PhD Feb 2010
Guerrato, D. Nouri, J.M. Flow characteristics in double screw compressor. PhD Jun 2012
Musaj, M. Prince, S. Computational and experimental investigation of the aerodynamics of a w-shaped leading edge reversed planform wing. PhD Mar 2010
Badalamenti, C. Prince, S. On the Application of Rotating Cylinders to Micro Air Vehicles. PhD Aug 2010
Zhou, J. Ma, Q. Numerical Investigation of breaking waves and their interactions with structures using MLPG_R method. PhD Apr 2011
Shearman, P. Wootton, R. Regional economic benefits of air services versus the environmental cost of emissions. The case of London City airport and Newquay Cornwall airport. PhD Oct 2010
MClorn, M. Gavaises, M. Fundamental behaviour of valves used in diesel fuel injection equipment PhD
Jun 2013

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