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Department of Civil Engineering

Fluids Engineering Centre


This Centre was established in 2000, aiming to develop numerical algorithms for fluid flow simulation and experimental techniques to verify new physical flow models using advanced laser diagnostics measurements. It enjoys strong and long-established links with major international companies. The Centre is leading research in the following areas: (i) Cavitation, as part of the International Institute of Cavitation Research which integrates the activities of nine academic staff members in collaboration with other major institutions in the UK and abroad and funds a new member of academic staff. (ii) The pioneering work of the Compressors Group, which provides consultancy to many companies worldwide and has established the very successful spin-off company Heliex Power Limited, in a joint venture with BP. (iii) The work in micro turbines and energy conservation systems.

Expertise and capabilities

The Centre specialises in the development of numerical codes and purpose-built experiments designed to validate the models and improve understanding of complex flow physics. Capabilities include the design of fuel injection systems, positive displacement machines, compressors, micro turbines, marine propellers, energy conversion systems and hydrodynamic analysis. Unique expertise exists in the area of multi-phase flows and cavitation, where fundamental physics related to bubble dynamics phenomena is investigated. Applications range from the traditional marine sector (erosion, noise); automotive and heavy-duty environmentally friendly new engines and their subsystems (such as direct injection gasoline engines and high pressure diesels); and cavitation in fluid machinery, lubrication and more recently, bioengineering applications where cavitation can be life-threatening or used as a treatment method. Our work on compressors has a strong reputation in applied industrial Research & Development and consultancy services to industries worldwide.


The vision is to lead research internationally in computational and experimental fluid dynamics for turbulent multi-phase flows and to develop design tools for those flows with phase-change in complex mechanical, automotive, marine and aeronautical applications and bio-fluids.

Research groups

CFD & Multiphase Flows

Experimental Fluid Dynamics

Engines and Fluid Machinery

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