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Muslim prayer

These are the latest details of the prayer arrangements at City:

April Prayer timetable >

May Prayer timetable >

June Prayer timetable >

Prayer timetables will be posted here as they come available throughout the academic year.

Muslim Prayer Rooms

Two rooms in College Building are allocated for Muslim prayer. Room A305 is for female prayer, room AG06 is for male prayer.   These two rooms are also available for use at weekends but can only be accessed via University Building and the external walkway outside the student refectory on level 1.

Room ALG16 is also available for male prayer at certain times; read more details of availability.

Leading Friday Prayer in the Great Hall

Friday prayer in the Great Hall is led by current students or staff at City. If you wish to apply to lead the prayer please print and complete the application form below and refer to the guidance document for further information.

Take a look at the Great Hall Jummah prayer timetable.

Please note that during term time and outside of the exam periods the Great Hall is the only place on University premises where Jummah Prayers take place.

During vacation periods and when exams are in progress the Muslim Prayer rooms in College Building are available for use for Jummah Prayers, as is Tompion Community Hall in Percival Street.

Students and staff are not permitted to use teaching rooms, corridors, stairwells or any other areas of the University for Jummah Prayers.


There are two separate Wudhu facilities for men and women on the third floor of College Building, near to room A305. Please use these for Wudhu, and not other toilets around the campus.

Jummah will be conducted at Tompion Community Hall, 40 Percival Street, off St. John's Road. This is less than 5 minutes' walk from Northampton Square. From 7th October Jummah is also held in the Great Hall, College Building and Wudhu facilities are available for men and women at the back of the Hall for use on Friday’s only.

The prayer timetable includes times and space locations for different prayers. This also gives information about the arrangements for students at Eid and other occasions. There will also be programmes and events taking place throughout the academic year, which will be published online.

Halal food

The main City refectory at Northampton Square serves Halal food which is labelled "Halal" or "Halal food" so it can be clearly identified.

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