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Private housing advice and Student Homes

In conjunction with the University of London, City students are offered a number of advice services to assist you in the search for private housing.

Private Housing Advice

Students can contact ULHS Private Housing Advisors on +44 (0)20 7862 8880 or email them at (their offices are open from 10am-5pm Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri and 11am-5pm on Tues).

  • Online Private Housing and Area Guides.
  • Contract Checking and Legal Housing Advice Students can contact ULHS Private Housing Advisors on +44 (0)20 7862 8880 to book an appointment (their offices are open from 10am-5pm Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri and 11am-5pm on Tues).
  • House-Hunting events and Annual Housing Fair: Please see our Housing Events and  for more information on these.

Student Homes

This is a new scheme run by ULHS and City and we have secured two 4-bedroom properties within a short walk to City. These properties have been vetted by ULHS staff and have been let to continuing City students. ULHS staff are currently locating another two properties in the local area to add to our portfolio for 2017/18.  Students interested in these properties will need to contact student homes directly.

Student Homes are mainly locally sourced flats which rented to students from the Universities who are part of the scheme.  These flats have been fully inspected by ULHS staff who then then act as an Agent for the property on behalf of the Landlord. This scheme is currently aimed at continuing students wishing to share a property with friends in a group as all the students need to be registered as full-time students at City. Please view the City, University of London Student Homes on the ULHS website for information on the properties.

As per ULHS procedures, the current occupants will have first refusal on a place for the following year so long as they continue to be full-time students at City University.  If any students leave, the vacancy will be updated on the Student Homes website and on City University's current vacancies page (the vacating student must complete a leaver's form and inform Student Homes of their intention to leave).  Students are held financially liable for the rooms until a replacement is found.  If you wished to leave mid-year, you would be expected to find your own replacement and they would have to be a full-time City Student.

For rooms available from Sepember, you can contact ULHS Student Homes directly to arrange to view the property and allocation will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. Please telephone +44 (0)20 7664 4836 or email   Please let them know if you are applying as a group.

Please also view the ULHS Student Homes website for more information on the scheme.  There is a section on 'How to Apply' which states the start-up costs involved in renting these Student Homes.  For 2016/17 the initital start-up total fees were for a new tenancy were £160 and for current students renewing their tenancies was £80.  These costs are due to increase for 2017/18.  These costs are in addition to your rent for the room.

We hope that this scheme will prove successful and it is our hope that City will continue to acquire more properties in future years.

Halls of Residence

For the 2016/17 academic year full-time City students will have access to apply for The Gardens and only Couples and Families can apply for housing in International Hall. City students can also apply for Clandon House but they do not allow first year or PHD students writing up dissertations at this hall and the location in Finchley (North London) is quite a distance from City.

City students do not have access to any other of the Halls of Residence, but there is special date (around 2nd September annually) when the Applications are open for all students to apply for any of the remaining rooms in the ULHS Halls of Residence. Before this date, all the colleges and Universities with allocated housing give back remaining rooms to the University of London Housing Service (ULHS) and these are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. The date is very special as the window of applications is only open for a few hours on this day as they receive many applications in a short amount of time. It is very important that you go to the ULHS How to Apply page before this date so that you can see the exact times that this application process will be open.

City will been given a quota of rooms over a period of 7 years with the amount increasing each year. For 2016/7 year we do not have any rooms except those mentioned above.

For 2017/18 we will be given a small quota of rooms and to get these rooms we have to put in a 'Bid' for them with all the other Universities and Colleges which are all part of the University of London. The Accommodation team will be viewing these halls so that we can put in a bid for the most suitable Halls for our students, taking in account what we already have in our housing portfolio.  Once we have an allocation of rooms, we will update our website with the information and any students who have already applied for housing will be contacted via email and given the opportunity to update their housing choices.  The University of London will inform us of the room-types available in our room allocation at the end of March, with the prices of these rooms only confirmed in April.  Our quota of rooms at the University of London will most likely be allocated to our first year undergraduates.

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