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This module aims to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the role and function of the NHS cervical screening programme, the relevant skills and evidence base for their role in practice. Module Code: NM3320
This module is aimed at students who have professional contact with children, young people and their families and are interested in developing their knowledge and understanding of therapeutic approaches to their psychological care. Module Code: APM013
This module will explore and examine through theoretical and reflective practice seminars knowledge of assessments and early interventions that can promote resilience. Module Code: APM012
child protection, working together, managing risk and resilience, NM3440 module
child protection, working together, managing risk and resilience, NMM400 module
Module Code: NM3177
The tailored CPD course in Clear Writing and Drafting at The City Law School will help you learn clearer communication and how to establish best practice across your firm.
This module will explore the academic theory behind the various Computed Tomography (CT) techniques and provide you with the knowledge and ability to make informed decisions and judgements about your clinical role. Module Code: RDM019
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