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Startup Studio

Had enough of the theory and want to start working on your business idea? Great, we want to help you do that by inviting you to spend some time in our startup studio!

Here you will have the chance to work alongside other emerging entrepreneurs that are building their businesses from the ground up allowing you to tackle common problems as a creative community. All the while members of the CityStarters team will be available to help offer guidance and advice as well as a few words of wisdom from their network of experienced founders.

  • 19th October, Northampton Suite C, 2pm - 5pm - Problem and Solution
    In this session we will be exploring the fundamentals of your idea. Using tools and resources which will enable you identify the key problems you are trying to solve and putting yourself in the shoes of your customer. This is the first step in every businesses journey, prior to  spending all your money on development it is essential you get this right!
  • 2nd November, A110, College Building 2pm-5pm - Prototyping 
    In this session we will be inviting you to feedback on what stage you are currently at with your business idea and show off any prototypes and MVPs you have created or used so far. We will also be joined by prototyping and innovation professionals, Lighthouse London, to hear some examples they have used in order to help inspire you for your next steps of developing your business.
  • 16th November, Northampton Suite B, 2pm - 5pm - Legal Lunch 
  • 30th November, ELG 02, 6pm-8pm - Getting ready for Market

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