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Made@City 2017 - Sneak Peek

Who will be at Made@City?

This year at Made@City you will find an eclectic ensemble of exhibitors from across City and Cass! In order to whet your appetite before the main event have a look over the titles of the projects you will see there:

Daniil Osudin - Simulating a 4D Environment in RPG game using C++

Artur Isufaj - Development of a Portable Near-Infrared Ethanol Concentration Sensor

Filip Karagiannis - First person game with VR gesture control using Leap Motion and TrinusVR.

Jigar Polra - Around The World Adventures: A Touch Arcade Game Designed for Apple iOS and Google Android Devices

Joshua Olaniyi - Impaired Warrior: A Game with Dynamic Visually Impaired Views

Charlotte Franklin, Olena Bulygina, Zan Sum, Igor Gajosinskas, Zarrin Rahman - Smart Garden

Gor Nersisyan - Motion-Tracking Control of a Robotic Arm

Louise Beaumond - Crickies

Edoardo Di Rosa - Mexical

Mate Tam - 3D Action RGP in Unity with Procedurally Generated Levels

Felipe Piai - Myoelectric prosthetic limb

Erum Haque - Car Seat alarm for unattended children

Vincent Ott - Real life or just fantasy? A Mercury leaping through the sky

Alexander Benham - The unification of genre associated idioms in composition as we move further into the 21st century.

Andrew Tripoli - Tellurian Art Gallery

Hannan Hashimi - Codify Law

Jordan Tewell - Heat-Nav: Using Temperature Changes as Navigational Cues

Olivia Harris - The Big Red Book

Jordan Micallef - Who Waits - Top down 2D survival game

Sean Looij - The detection of Parkinson's tremors

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