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Compressor Technology


Download link for and information about the Design Integration for Screw Compressors (DISCO) software from the Centre for Compressor Technology.

DISCO© is a tool interface for the design of screw compressors. It reduces effort and speeds up the design process by enabling the integration and interoperability of software components used. Therefore software required to produce three-dimensional CAD models and manufacturing drawings are parametrically connected with the calculation of internal heat and fluid flow processes and the estimation of stresses and strains within the solid components. The number of input parameters required to describe the machine geometry and operating conditions is thereby reduced and these need only to be specified once for all the design software used. As a result, control of the design process is simplified and modifications made to the compressor model at any design stage can be cross referenced through all the software components. Such an approach saves both computer resources and time when compared with traditional design procedures.


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