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Why Recruit at City

City University London is a leading educational institution, providing expertise in key fields such as health, business, law, mathematics, engineering, informatics & technology, social sciences, journalism, music & creative and cultural subjects

What makes recruiting from City unique?


  • We are increasingly recognised as the distinctive university focused on business and the professions
  • Entry to many courses is highly competitive, with 12 applicants per student place, and many getting 2.1 degrees or more
  • Most of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are professionally related and are recognised by the relevant professional bodies
  • Many courses have an integral industrial placement allowing students to gain highly relevant work experience during their course of study
  • Many of our students already have vocational experience prior to doing their studies, or are actively involved in getting experience during their time at City


  • Access to over 20,000 full and part-time students studying a wide variety of subjects
  • We have students from more than 156 countries with a range of language skills, work backgrounds and interests, making us one of the top international universities in the UK
  • Approximately 30% of our students are from overseas countries

Clarity & flexibility

  • We are the students' first and most popular point of contact when they start thinking about their career
  • Our aim and purpose at the Career and Skills Development Service is very simple: to match our students and graduates with the most suitable job, providing them with as many opportunities as possible and guiding them to the right one
  • If you are looking to recruit, we are very interested to get in touch with you, and help you attract suitable candidates to your position(s), in the most simple and straightforward way possible
  • If you have any suggestions or ideas on how you would like to recruit or advertise, we are always interested to hear them and can tailor our services to you and our students' needs.