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Changing or Leaving Your Course

One of the hardest and perhaps most unsettling things to consider when at University is leaving or changing a course. The decision is not to be taken lightly and may have an effect on your life and perhaps future career.

To talk through the pros and cons of a decision like this is definitely a positive step. We offer impartial advice and guidance on this topic in our centre. So why not book a confidential appointment with one of our Careers Consultants.

Before coming to see us look at the following link: Prospects - Unsure about your course.

Changing Your University Course

You may be considering changing you course. This needs to be carefully thought through. It is a good idea to talk with a Careers Consultant with regards how this may effect you future career aspirations. You will also need to research whether it is possible to transfer to new course provider.

If you are going to change courses, you must ensure you arrange this as soon as possible. If you need any advice and guidance, please contact one of the City support services below:

Leaving University

If you are considering leaving University then it is important that you seek out guidance/advice. It may be that the course is not for you and you are unclear with regards as to what to do. There may be other factors such as personal circumstance or finance. Some students consider taking time out to think about what they want to do with their lives and type of career. You can use us up to six months after you have left to help with your career plan.

Whether you are changing course or leaving the University it is important that you keep your personal tutor (or course officer) informed with regards your plans.