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Work, Class and Gender

Building on the late Rosemary Crompton's pioneering work at City, this cluster brings together researchers interested in analysing empirically the interface of work, class and gender.

Our specific research interests include the following: the impact of globalisation on national employment structures; the social organisation of work; earnings inequalities between socio-demographic groups; voluntary work and transnational professional labour markets; money, power and inequality within intimate relationships; class formation and the quality of working life. Group members meet at regular intervals to discuss recent research results, propose future research projects and to share research problems.

Many members of the group are active in multi-country comparative analyses, facilitated through collaboration with colleagues at the Centre for Comparative Social Surveys who manage and generate the European Social Survey for their constituent members across Europe.

2016 Meeting times and places

Date and TimeLocationSpeaker(s) / Topic of meeting
9th February, Tuesday - 3pmD427Nadine Zweiner + group discussion of preferred invited speaker.

1st March, Tuesday - 3pm

D427Vanessa Gash & Rachel Cohen
12th April, Tuesday - 3pmD427Janet Merkel and Marisol Sandoval
10th May, Tuesday - 3pmD427Carrie Myers  and Laura Thompson
8th June, Tuesday - 3pm

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