Economics of the real world

This module centres on techniques of 'investigative economics' that are becoming central in economic commentary and analysis, and develops them in team projects. Students are encouraged to develop, through team-work, critical views and analyses of real-life economic data and phenomena, focusing on questions such as:

  • How is commonly cited economic data gathered or constructed (e.g., GNP/GDP, poverty indices, inflation and unemployment indices, transparency indices)?
  • How does legal context shape economic or business behaviour? 
  • How does political regulation shape the behaviour of business and in turn, how do business elites shape policy environment? 
The aims of the module are two-fold: (1) to help students develop and apply critical skills of an independent researcher and (2) to facilitate the development of their team-working skills and use of new method of working with data.  Topics will Include:  Concepts and Methods of Investigative Economics; The Politics of Economic data Construction;  The Political Economy of Regulation; Law and Economics.