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Leading alumni... in newspapers

  • John Aglionby
    Financial Times (Indonesia correspondent) | Newspaper Journalism, 1995
  • Kamal Ahmed
    Business Editor, Sunday Telegraph | Newspaper Journalism, 1991
  • Decca Aitkenhead
    The Guardian | Newspaper Journalism, 1995
  • Alice Fisher
    Deputy Editor at The Observer Magazine | Periodical Journalism, 1995
  • Stephen Foley
    Associate Business Editor, The Independent | Newspaper Journalism, 1999
  • Ian King
    Business & City Editor, The Times | Newspaper Journalism, 1994
  • Will Lewis
    Management and Standards Committee, News Corporation | Periodical Journalism, 1991
  • John Mullin
    Editor, Independent on Sunday | Dip Journalism, 1985
  • George Parker
    Political Editor, Financial Times | Newspaper Journalism, 1988
  • Alexis Petridis
    Guardian's head rock and pop critic and the music editor of GQ | Periodical Journalism, 1995
  • Matt Wells
    Blogs editor and presenter of Media Talk, The Guardian | Newspaper Journalism, 1995
  • Gary Younge
    Feature writer, The Guardian | Newspaper Journalism, 1993

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