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Professor Rhian Samuel

Professor Emeritus

Centre for Music Studies


Professor Samuel joined City in 1995. Prior to that, she taught at Reading University (Head of Department, 1993-95) and the St Louis Conservatory, St Louis, USA.  She has composed around 80 published works, and her music has been performed in many countries, from Chile to Japan.

She has also written about music; as co-editor of the New Grove (Norton) Dictionary of Women Composers, she has been at the forefront of issues concerning Gender and Music. Her interests cover classical music from the Renaissance to the present day.

Her large-scale orchestral works span from 'Elegy-Symphony' (1981, St Louis Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin), to 'Tirluniau/Landscapes' (BBC Proms, 2000).  Many of her vocal works are concerned with woman's experience; they include pieces for voice and orchestra such as 'Clytemnestra' (1994, BBCNOW, Della Jones, soprano), 'The White Amaryllis' (1991, BBCNOW, Jane Manning, soprano) and 'Daughters' Letters' (1997, Sinfonia 21, Valdine Anderson, soprano). 

The  Anglo-American poet, Anne Stevenson, is the source of this latter text, as for a number of other works, for instance, 'Nantcol Songs' (soprano and piano/harp ensemble), 'Path' (countertenor and strings) and the recent 'Trinity' (soprano, flute and piano), and also for wordless pieces such as 'Naming the Flowers' (solo guitar) and 'A Garland for Anne' (solo piano).

Rhian Samuel has written a great deal of chamber instrumental music, including 'Dream-Images', composed for Martin Roscoe, 'Blythswood' for viola and piano, two piano duos, 'Ymddiddan/Dialogue' for the Micalleff/Inanga Duo, and 'Serenade-Duo' for Duo Antithesis, and the wind quintet, 'Primavera'.

One of Rhian Samuel's most performed works is 'The Hare in the Moon', for voice and piano or voice and percussion. Her music is published by Stainer and Bell.

Research interests

  • instrumental and vocal composition
  • contemporary instrumental techniques
  • contemporary composers
  • women composers
  • vocal music
  • text-music relations from the 16th century to the present


Trinity: three songs for soprano, flute and piano (2005) [Anne Stevenson]
1st performance:  Joana Seara, soprano, Gemma Jukes, flute, Maki Yoneta, piano.  Birmingham Conservatoire, 1 March , 2005.
Published by Stainer & Bell, 2005

Serenade Duo for two pianos (2004)
1st performance:  Duo Antithesis, Steinway Hall, Miami, Florida, 26 Jan, 2005
1st UK Performance: Duo Antithesis, Purcell Room, London, 13 Feb, 2005
Published by Stainer & Bell, 2005

Little Serenade for Skaila (2004)
1st performance:  Skaila Kanga, solo harp, Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, May, 2004
Commissioned by Skaila Kanga
Published by Stainer & Bell, 2004

Everyday Dancing:  clarinet quartet (2003)
1. Moving On  2. Waving   3. Strolling  4. Moving On/Waving II
1st performance: LiquoriceAllsorts, Spitalfields Festival, 24 June, 2004.
Published by Stainer and Bell, 2004

Tin Soldier for cello and piano (2002)
Published in Spectrum for cello, ABRSM Publishing, 2004.

Quartet for Piano and Strings:  Light and Water (2003)
1. Light through Water 2. Light above Water 3. Water above Light  4. Water through Light
1st performance:  Fidelio Quartet. St John's Church, Hampstead.  Hampstead & Highgate Festival, 15 May, 2004.
Published by Stainer & Bell, 2003

Nantcol Songs for soprano and harp ensemble (2003)
(Text by Anne Stevenson)
1. The Sun, the Wind and the Moon 2.  A Perfect View.
1st performance:  Anna Dennis soprano, RAM Harp Ensemble, Skaila Kanga, director, Gareth Wood, conductor. Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London. 27 November, 2003.  CD to be issued by the Presteigne Festival in 2004
Published by Stainer & Bell, 2003

Nantcol Songs for soprano and piano (2003)
1. The Sun, the Wind and the Moon 2.  A Perfect View.
1st performance of No.1:  Gillian Keith, soprano, Simon Lepper, piano.  St Andrew's Church, Presteigne. 23 August, 2003
Commissioned by the Presteigne Festival.
Published by Stainer & Bell, 2003
['A Perfect View' has been released on the CD, 'A Garland for Presteigne', MET CD1065]

A Garland for Anne for solo piano (2003)
1. The Therapy of Moonlight  2. Vertigo  3. On Going Deaf   4. Morning  5. Five and a Half Dancing Men
1st performance, complete work:  Chenyin Li, City University, 14 April, 2005
Written for Anne Stevenson's 70th birthday
Published by Stainer & Bell, 2003

Songs of Earth and Air  for medium voice and piano (1983 rev. 2002)
1.  April Rise  2. The Kingfisher   3. The Snowdrop   4. A Warm Rain
1st performance, 1 & 2:  Edmund LeRoy, baritone, Kirt Pavitt, piano. St Louis Conservatory of Music, 27 Feb. 1983
1st performance, complete cycle:  Sharon Mabry, mezzo-soprano, Patsy Wade, piano. Kings College, London, 4 Oct. 1984
Published by Stainer & Bell, 2003

(2002) for alto saxophone and piano. Stainer & Bell, 2002. Ist perf : Sarah James, sax., Grace Huang, pf, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 12 March 2003.

(2002) for wind quintet. Stainer & Bell, 2002. Ist perf : Aurora Ensemble, Pontardawe Arts Centre, Swansea, 1 November, 2002.

The Therapy of Moonlight
for solo piano (2002)
Pub. in The Way you say the World:  a celebration for Anne Stevenson,  ed. J. Lucan and M. Simpson.  Nottingham: Shoestring Press, 2003, pp.164-167

Shaping the Air
(2002). Version for sop. and alto sax and piano. Stainer & Bell, 2002. Ist perf: Sarah James, sax., Paul Turner, pf. British Clarinet and Saxophone Congress, Cardiff, 26 October, 2002.

. . . et lamentable joye
(1986, rev. 2002) for solo clarinet. Stainer & Bell, 2002. Ist perf, rev. version: Andrew Mason, clarinet, Kimbolton Music Club, Cambridge, 1 December, 2002.

Off to Narita
(2002) for solo piano. Stainer & Bell, 2002. Ist perf: Helen Reid, piano, Blackheath Concert Halls, 8 October, 2002.

Songs of Earth and Air
(1983, rev. 2002). Stainer & Bell, forthcoming. 1st perf. (orig. version) Sharon Mabry, mezzo-sop, Patsy Wade, pf, Memphis New Music Festival, USA, Feb, 1983.

Time Out of Time
(2001). Suite for Cello and Piano. Stainer & Bell, 2002. Ist perf (1st 3 mvts): Mats Lidstrom (cello) and Mark Gasser (piano), Greenwich Theatre, 27 May 2002.

Tin Soldier
(2001). Cello and piano. Commissioned for the AB 'Spectrum' series. Forthcoming, 2003.

Five Miniatures
for Piano Quintet (2001). Stainer & Bell, 2001. Ist Perf.: Benenden School students with the Franke Quintet, 29 April, 2001. Commissioned by the Franke Quintet.

Summer Path
(2001) for harp and strings. Stainer & Bell, 2001. 1st perf: Osian Ellis (harp), Welsh Chamber Orchestra, Anthony Hose, conductor, June 2001. Commissioned by the Beaumaris Festival.

Cerddi Hynafol/Ancient Songs
for mezzo-soprano and piano. Stainer and Bell, 2001. 1st perf: Joanne Thomas, Ingrid Surgenor, Fishguard Festival, 24 July, 2001. Commissioned by the Fishguard Festival.  1st Broadcast: BBC Radio 3, 24 August 2001.

Shaping the Air
(2000) for oboe and piano. Stainer and Bell, 2000. 1st perf : Katherine Macintosh, oboe, Simon Lepper, piano Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 22 November, 2000.

Tirluniau (Landscapes)
(2000) for full orchestra. Stainer and Bell, 2000. 1st perf : BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Tadaaki Otaka, conductor, BBC Promenade Concert,, Albert Hall, London, 25 July 2000. Commissioned by BBC Proms with funds from the Arts Council of Wales

Trio: Stepping Out II
(2000). Cl, va, pf. Stainer & Bell, 2000. 1st perf: members of Chroma, Stuart King, dir. Cardigan, Sept. 2001.

Naming the Flowers
(1999) 3 Pieces for guitar. Stainer & Bell, 2000

Dawnsiau'r Nant/Dances of the Stream
(1999) for full orchestra. Stainer and Bell, 1999. 1st perf : BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Arwel Hughes, conductor, St David's Hall, Cardiff, 15 July 1999. Commissioned by St David's Hall with funds from the Arts Council of Wales.

Three Pieces
(1999) for tpt & organ. Stainer and Bell, 1999. 1st perf s by dedicatees: John Wallace & Simon Wright. RAM, 15 September, 2000; Deborah Calland & Paul Dean, St John's Smith Square, 16 September, 1999; Jonathan Freeman-Attwood & Colm Carey, RCO, London. 5 Feb. 2000. Commissioned by Deborah Calland & Barry Millington.

One Charming Night
(1998) for vln & pf. Stainer and Bell, 1998. 1st perf: Joji Hattori (vn), Joseph Seiger (pf). Wigmore Hall, 29 Oct, 1998. Commissioned by Joji Hattori.

Trois Chansons de Francois Villon
(1968 rev. 1998) for med/high voice & fl. Stainer and Bell, 1998

Through Windows and the Balustrades Beyond
(1998) for flute. viola and harp. Stainer and Bell, 1998. 1st perf: Suzanne Willison, hp. Katherine Baker. fl, Cian O'Duill, vla, RAM, London, 30 October, 1998 Commissioned by harpist Skaila Kanga for her students.

Dear Night
(1998) for SATB chorus (rev. for chorus & organ). Stainer and Bell, 1998. 1st perf: St Peter's Singers, Hammersmith, director, Michael Emery. Chichester Festival, June 1998. Commissioned for St Peter's Singers

(1998) for two pianos. Stainer and Bell, 1998 1st perf.: Jennifer Micalleff and Glenn Inanga, Purcell Room, 2 February, 1999.

Fantasy Quintet
(1997) for five flutes. Stainer and Bell, 1998

Dance in the Light
(1997) for two flutes. Stainer and Bell, 1997

(1997) for solo piano. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Martin Roscoe., Machynlleth Festival, Aug , 1977. Commissioned by the Machynlleth Festival with funds from the Arts Council of Wales.

Preludes and Dances
(1997) for string quartet. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Emperor Quartet, St Michael's Church, Lower Machen Festival, Newport, June, 1997. Commissioned by the Lower Machen Festival with funds from the Arts Council of Wales.

(1996) for viola and piano. Stainer & Bell, 1998. 1st perf: Su Zhen, va, Simon Lepper, pf. Harlow Viola Festival, 20 February, 1999.

Stepping Out
(1996) for clarinet and piano. Stainer & Bell, 1998. 1st perf: Katherine Spencer (cl.), Sam Haywood. (pf). 16th Conference of the International Musicological Society, Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music, London, July, 1997.

Daughters' Letters
(1996) for solo soprano, string orchestra & percussion [Anne Stevenson]
Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Valdine Anderson, soprano, Sinfonia 21, Martyn Brabbins, (conductor) St John's, Smith Square, London, Feb. 1997. Commissioned by Sinfonia 21 with funds from the Arts Council of England and support from Glaxo Wellcome for Arts' Council Contemporary Music Network tour of 6 cities , Feb. 1997. Recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Scenes from an Aria (1996) for solo oboe, 2 horns, marimba and strings. Stainer & Bell, 1997
1st perf: Ruth Scott (ob), Jane Hanna, Richard Bourn (hns), Christopher Brannick (mar), Presteigne Festival Orchestra, George Vass (dir.), St Andrew's Church, Presteigne Festival, 29 August 1996. Commissioned by the Presteigne Festival with funds from the Arts Council of Wales.

La Roca Blanca
(1995) for solo harp. In The Living Harp, ed. Elinor Bennett, Curiad Publications, 1996. 1st perf: Elinor Bennett, Memorial Hall, Criccieth. Criccieth Festival. 9 June, 1996.

Weeping Trellises
(1995) for solo piano. Pub. as part of 'Dream-Images', Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Gretel Dowdeswell. St Andrew's Church, Presteigne. Presteigne Festival, 29August, 1996 .

(1995) [Anne Stephenson] for medium voice + string orchestra. Stainer & Bell, 1997.
1st perf: David James (countertenor), Sinfonia 21, Martyn Brabbins (dir.). Michelham Priory, East Sussex, 26 August, 1995. Commissioned by Sinfonia 21 with funds from South East Arts

Wherever I go
(1995) for solo flute. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf.: Anna Maria Morini, Castello Caetani, Sermoneta, Italy. Pontino Festival. 9 June 1995. 1st British perf: Lisa Maree Amos, BMIC, 6 June , 1996

The Cool Heart
(1992 rev. 1995) for voice + Bb cl. vln. cello. pf
[Elisabeth Bishop]
1st perf. revised version: Paul Robinson (bar), Jane's Minstrels, University of Reading, 13 May 1995; 1st perf. orig. version: Ensemble Bartok, Santiago, Chile. 14 July 1993. Commissioned by Ensemble Bartok

(1995) for 5 flutes. Pub. by Stainer & Bell as part of Fantasy Quintet (1997) (Written for students in Chamber Ensemble class, University of Reading)

Brass Express
(1994) for trumpet and orchestra. Pub. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Anne McAneney, tpt, Reading University Symphony Orchestra, conductor Graham Treacher. Great Hall, Reading University, 18 March 1995. Commissioned by The College of Land Management, University of Reading.

(1994) for female voice and orchestra. Stainer & Bell , 1998. 1st perf: Della Jones, mezzo-soprano, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, conductor Tadaaki Otaka, St David's Hall Cardiff, 12 Nov 1994. ) 1st broadcast performance: 5 February, 1995, BBC Radio 3. BBC commission.

To Become the Song
(1993) for solo instrument and piano, Pub. Stainer & Bell, 1997, as part of 'Blythswood' for viola and piano. 1st perf: Leontin Boanto, clarinet, Inna Oncescu, pf, Reading University, 25 February, 1994

The Cool Heart
(1992) Song cycle for voice + piano. [Currently being revised.] 1st perf: Hilary Summers, contralto, Gareth Hancock, pf. Reading University, 6 Feb 1993. 1st broadcast perf. of No. 2: Fiona Kimm, mezzo-sop, Andrew Ball, pf. BBC Radio 3, 13 December, 1994

Fel Blodeuyn
(Like a Flower) (1992) for solo organ. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Martin Souter, St George's Chapel, Windsor. 2 October 1992. BBC recording: Martin Souter, St David's Hall Cardiff, 5 May 1993. Subsequently broadcast, BBC Radio 3. Commissioned for the University of Reading Centenary Concert.

The White Amaryllis
(1991) Song cycle for med. voice and orchestra [May Sarton] .
Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st broadcast perf: Jane Manning (soprano), BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Mogrelia (conductor), 17 August 1992, BBC Radio 3.

The White Amaryllis
(1991) Song cycle for med. voice + piano. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Sharon Mabry (mezzo-sop), Patsy Wade (pf), Clarksville, Tenn, USA. 17 October, 1991.

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1991) [Currently being revised] 1st perf: Jonathan Dunsby (pf), Reading University Orchestra conductor. Elgar Howarth. University of Reading, 8 Feb, 1992. Commissioned by Reading University

Of Swans, Snails and Geese
(1990) 4vv, 3 elect. guitars. [May Sarton]. [Currently being revised] 1st perf: Red Byrd with Tragicommedia. Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 31 January, 1991. Commissioned by Red Byrd with funds from the Arts Council of Great Britain for Contemporary Music Network Tour of 8 cities, 1991

Lovesongs and Observations
(1989) for SATB chorus [Emily Dickinson]. Stainer & Bell, 1997.
1st perf: Ithaca College Choir, Laurence Doebler (dir.), Ithaca, NY, USA, 22 Feb 1990. 1st UK perf: The Joyful Company of Singers, Peter Broadbent (dir), QEH, London, 17 April, 1992. 1st broadcast perf: The Britten Singers, Terry Edwards (conductor), 8 August 1992, BBC Radio 3.

Traquair Music
(1989) for solo oboe. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf.: Cynthia Green, Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Montana, USA. 23 Feb 1991. 1st British perf: Ruth Scott, The Rodd, Presteigne, Presteigne Festival, 30 August, 1996. CD forthcoming, 1997, Cynthia Green, on Hester Park label, USA

(1988) for trombone quartet [Under revision] 1st perf: London Trombone Chorale. QEH, London, March, 1988. Finalist, International Trombone Association Composition Competition, August 1989. Commissioned by the London Trombone Chorale.

Before Dawn
(1988) (later No. 3 of The White Amaryllis) [May Sarton]. Pub. as part of 'The White Amaryllis', Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Susan Graham (mezzo-soprano), National Orchestral Association (USA), Jorge Mester (dir), New York, 25 February 1989. 1st broadcast perf: Jane Manning (soprano), BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra, Grant Llewelyn (conductor), 21 February, 1991 (BBC Radio 3).

Before Dawn
(1988) for voice and piano. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Sharon Mabry (mezzo-sop), Patsy Wade (piano). BMIC, London. 29 June, 1988. 1st US perf: same performers, Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC, 25 October, 1988. 1st broadcast perf.: same performers, WGBH Boston, 27 October, 1988.

(1988) for flute and piano. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Nicola Ellis (fl), Sadie Harrison (pf). King's College, London, 27 June 1988

(1988) for solo piano [Under revision] 1st perf: Patsy Wade (pf). Clarksville, Tenn, USA. 17 October 1991.

A Song for the Divine Miss C
(1987) for soprano, tenor chorus and orchestra. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Penelope Walmesley-Clarke (soprano), Julian Pike (tenor), Reading University Choral Society and Orchestra conducted by the composer. Reading, 14 March 1987

The Witch's Manuscript
(1987) [Carol Rumens] for soprano and brass quintet. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Tamsin Dives (mezzo-soprano), Downshire Players of London, Peter Ash (dir). St Martin's in the Fields, London, 4 Feb. 1987

Three Songs with Guitar
(1986) for high voice and guitar . Andresier Editions, London, 1991. 1st perf: Dennis Sheppard (tenor), Renato Butturi (guitar). University of Evansville, Indiana, USA. 11 March 1986. 1st UK performance: Robert Johnson (tenor), Craig Ogden (guitar). St Mary Magdelene Church, Bleddfa. Presteigne Festival, 29 August, 1996.

Shadow Dance (1984, rev, 85) for flute, oboe and piano. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf (rev. version): Members of Capricorn: Philippa Davies (fl) , Christopher O'Neal (ob), Julian Jacobson (pf). St John's Smith Square, London, May 1985. 1st broadcast perf: same players, Jan 1986, BBC Radio 3. 1st perf, (orig version): Joanne Pitman (fl), Christle Judd (ob), Richard Shaw (pf). King's College, London. Feb 1984

Midwinter Spring
(1984, rev. 2000) rev. version:; orig. version:
Stainer & Bell, 2000. 1st perf: MidNAG National Composers' Workshop (Northern Sinfonia players). Ashington, Northumberland, 23 Feb 1984. (One of 6 pieces selected nationally in the UK.) 1st London perf: members of Patterson Wind Quintet, 30 June 1984

La Belle Dame sans Merci
(1982 rev. 1987) [John Keats] for chorus and orchestra, Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: St Louis Conservatory Chorus and Orchestra, Richard Holmes (conductor). St Louis, April 1983. 1st perf. of revised version: Reading University Choral Society and Orchestra conducted by the composer, 9 March 1991. Joint winner, Rudolph Nissim Award, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, 1983 (a national award for orchestral music).

Rondo Pizzicato
(1981) for Youth String Quartet. Pub in The String Quartet, ed. G. Winters, Simrock, 1986

(1981) for full orchestra. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: St Louis Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin (conductor). St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 2 Oct 1981. Concert commission, St Louis Symphony Orchestra. Broadcast on National Public Radio stations throughout USA during 1981.

Jacobean Lyrics
(1979 rev. 97) for SATB chorus. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Horseheads High School Choir, Joseph Kruppi, dir. Ithaca, NY, USA, 10 Nov 1979. Finalist, Theo. Presser/Ithaca College Composers' Competition, 1979.

So Long Ago (1979) [John Pudney] for SATB chorus. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Thomas Tallis Choir, Philip Simms (dir). St Alphege's Church, Greenwich, 9 Dec 1979. 1st prize, Greenwich Festival, London, 1979.

Intimations of Immortality
(1978) [W. Wordsworth] for tenor and chamber orchestra. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf.: Willard Cobb (tenor), St Louis Conservatory Orchestra, Joel Revzen (conductor). Branson, Missouri, USA. 28 Oct 1978. Commissioned by the Missouri Music Teachers' Association, 1978.

The Hare in the Moon
(1978, rev. 79) [Ryokan] for sop, mar, vibr. and db. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Carole Gaspar (sop), Matthew Furfine (vib), Henry Claude (mar), Karen Katzen (d.bass). St Louis Conservatory, St Louis. 2 May 1979.

The Hare in the Moon
(1978, rev. 79) [Ryokan] for sop, and piano. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Carole Gaspar (sop), Christine Smith (pf), Forest Park College, St Louis, USA, 28 March 1978. 1st prize, Forum for Composers, St Louis, 1978.

(1973, rev. 78) [Priest Saigyo] for S.A.T.B. chorus + solo vibraphone. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Washington University Choir, Orland Johnson (dir), Matthew Furfine (solo vibraphone). Washington University, St Louis, 16 Apr 1980

Jolly Wat
(1971) for S.A.T.B. chorus. Stainer & Bell, 1997. 1st perf: Washington University Madrigal Singers, Orland Johson, director. Washington University, St Louis, Dec. 1971

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Pre-Prom talk on 'Tirluniau/Landscapes'. Albert Hall, London, 24 July, 2000.

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British Council Lecture Tour: series of lectures on British contemporary music at Catholic University, Santiago and University of Concepcion, Chile, May 1992:

    * An introduction to British contemporary music
    * The music of Maxwell Davies
    * Maxwell Davies' Eight Songs for a Mad King
    * Birtwistle's Gawain
    * The Music of British Women Composers

Lectures and workshops on own music. Center for the Performing Arts, Austin Peay University, Tenn., USA. 12-19 Oct. 1991

Lecture on own music. Oberlin College (USA) London Program, 1 April 1991

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Lecture on own music. London University Music Diploma Society. 27 Oct. 1989

'Reimann's opera Lear.' Lecture for English National Opera, ICA, London, 18 Feb. 1989

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