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Dr Soren Petter

Senior Visiting Lecturer

AFBPsS, BSc (Hons), MA, PostMADip, CPsychol, PgDipExPsych, UKCP, HCPC

Department of Psychology



Dr Petter originally trained in hermeneutics, phenomenology and pedagogy before continuing to train as both a psychologist and analytical psychotherapist. His doctoral research at the University of Essex and the Tavistock Psychotherapy Research Evaluation Unit focussed on multi-modal interventions for pre- and co-morbid shame. He has worked as a clinician in the National Health Service for over ten years, in primary care, clinical health, and first and foremost in secondary and tertiary care specialising in the treatment of severe and enduring mental health problems, including crisis teams, Community Mental Health Teams and the psychological management of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICU). He also works as a Consultant in the Private Health sector, providing psychological therapy, training and stress management for organisations. He has trained and lectured psychologists for many years as a faculty member or Visiting Lecturer at Regents University London and University of Hertfordshire.

Research interests

  • Phenomenology of psychopathology
  • Psychosexual phenomena
  • Shame-related conditions
  • Projection and triangulation of powerlessness within micro and macro systems
  • Implication of language as ontology.

Recent publications


  • Petter, S. (2011). Multimodal Interventions for Premorbid and Comorbid Shame. Lambert Academic Publishing.

Journal articles

  • Evans, R. E., Petter, S. (2012). Identifying mitigating and challenging beliefs in dealing with threatening patients: An analysis of experiences of clinicians working in a psychiatric intensive care unit. Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care Vol 8 (2).



  • Psychodynamic approaches to counselling psychology
  • Critical psychopathology.

Areas of PhD supervision

  • Psychopathology
  • Human sexuality
  • Trauma
  • Shame
  • Phenomenological designs.

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