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Journalism student Zhuliyana Boyanova, studied for a year in the Netherlands and Denmark. Read about her experiences:

As part of my BA in Journalism at City University in London, I had the chance to complete one-year programme, which combined journalism with European studies. I studied and lived in the Netherlands and Denmark, but also travelled to more than 10 European countries reporting, attending conferences or completing internships.

This was an opportunity for me to experiment and create a strong work ethic, while adapting successfully to changing environments. I engaged with every aspect of journalistic production away from school, which showed me

My year abroad concluded with the coverage of refugee integration in my home country Bulgaria where I practiced journalism in extremely difficult circumstances. This stretched my limitations and provoked me to reconsider weaknesses hopefully bringing the quality of my reporting to a next level.

After coming back to City University almost one year and a half later, I felt much more experienced, confident in my journalistic skills and able to stay focused and motivated in every occasion.

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