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Alumni and Supporters

Leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will to City, University of London is a wonderful way to make a long-lasting impact to the institution and future generations of students.

As City moves towards the significant milestone of its first half century as an institution in 2016, we invite you to join those who have made a difference by considering a legacy to City, University of London.

City is an exempt charitable body and is registered as such with HM Revenue and Customs (Reference No. X 1134). Due to its tax exempt status City pays no tax on gifts of money or property made to the institution during your lifetime or on your death. Additionally, gifts made to City in your Will are free from Inheritance Tax which may otherwise be charged to your estate.

How can my legacy make a difference?

You can leave a legacy simply for the general benefit of City. This type of gift is especially valuable as it allows us to channel resources to areas where the need is greatest.

You can also direct your legacy to a specific area of the institution with which you have a strong affinity; for example, a subject, department or research project.

Legacies enable City to honour its commitment to academic excellence and to foster the best possible learning environment for its students. Securing support for the long-term is vitally important to us at City and legacy gifts will directly benefit our outstanding research, support our students and help develop our campus and infrastructure.

The following areas will help us meet some of our priority needs:

Developing outstanding research

We are committed to academic excellence. Through research our talented academic staff seek to advance knowledge in our areas of specialism and to bring value to society. A legacy gift to this area enables us to continue our quest to find solutions to some of the world's greatest challenges.

Supporting our students

City is keen to reward and recognise those undergraduate and postgraduate students who excel academically. This will enable us to continue our mission of attracting and retaining the most talented students regardless of financial background. A legacy gift to this area helps us to change lives and give those that might otherwise not have done so, the opportunity to undertake undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications.

Developing our campus and infrastructure

It is essential that the services and facilities that support our students and academic staff in their endeavours are of a quality that matches our academic ambitions. A legacy gift to this area will help us to provide the background for an outstanding student experience.

Further information

Thank you very much for considering leaving a gift in your will to City, University of London. Please read the information sheet for further details on how you can do this or contact the Development Office.

If you have already included the institution in your will please do let us know. We’d love to be able to thank you personally for your generosity and support.

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City, University of London is an independent member institution of the University of London. Established by Royal Charter in 1836, the University of London consists of 18 independent member institutions with outstanding global reputations and several prestigious central academic bodies and activities.