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Become a Champion

Class Gift campaigns are organised by Champions - student volunteers who drive the project forward and facilitate participation.

Become a Class Gift Champion and inspire your classmates to give something back in the form of a lasting legacy.

Read the Class Gift Champion Job Description.

Why Class Gift? What are the benefits?

The Class Gift programme will serve a variety of school wide objectives, including student development. Students will learn key soft skills and develop marketing and strategic skills that will help them develop their careers. The programme also helps to promote strong City, University of London association amongst students and alumni alike, thereby strengthening the City brand.

Student development

  • The Class Gift programme is an opportunity for students to work on a live project where they can apply skills learned in the classroom, to try out techniques (planning, organisation and business skills) and reflect on areas they do well in and other areas that need development
  • The programme is a student-led initiative and so will enhance their leadership and team-building skills, skills that are essential in the job market. It will also improve their communication skills, develop their ability to give and receive criticism and improve their confidence
  • Acting as volunteer fundraisers, the students will be responsible for setting up fundraising events and activities. This will be an opportunity for them to hone their event management skills. Working in an independent setting rather than a traditional classroom environment, they should experience a higher level of ownership and active involvement
  • Participation in the programme creates a stronger student community across the institution and helps the students involved to focus on a shared purpose.

As Class Gift Champions, students will raise awareness:

  • Internally amongst both their peers and academics. They will raise participation levels in fundraising activities
  • Outside of the City, University of London community. The Champions will present sales pitches to corporate organisations in the City and ask them for their support with this philanthropic activity.

Finally, Champions will empower themselves and their fellow students to have their say in the development of the institution. They will be instrumental in raising funds for improvements to facilities that they use themselves and the programme will act as a channel for them to demonstrate their appreciation of the City experience and leave a legacy for future City students.

Benefits of being a Champion

  • You are the beating heart of a worthwhile initiative
  • Your network of contacts is extended
  • You develop leadership and team-building skills
  • You apply skills learned in the classroom to a live project.

Simple steps to set up a Class Gift

  • Get in touch with the City Development Team to help set up your campaign
  • Identify classmates who will get involved
  • Determine a fundraising project and target an amount
  • Build your network and spread the word
  • Start fundraising.

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