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Alumni and Supporters

The Aeronautics Campaign

Aeronautics Centenary Campaign: Celebrating 100 years of education in aeronautics.

A Landmark Event

This year, City, University of London is celebrating 100 years of education in aeronautics. Founded as The Northampton Institute, City established courses in aeronautics just a few years after the Wright brothers' ground-breaking endeavours and in the same year that Louis Blériot became the first man to fly across the English Channel in a powered aircraft.

Recognising that a market existed for aviation education put the Northampton Institute ahead of world-leading bodies such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This is early evidence of an appetite for innovation among staff that has since become characteristic of City's approach to academic and professional development.

One of those trailblazing staff members was Sir Frederick Handley Page, a pioneer of 20th Century aircraft design who went on to become one of the great names in the field and made an invaluable contribution to aviation during two world wars

The Campaign

To mark this milestone in aeronautics education at City, we are launching the Aeronautics Centenary Campaign with the aim of attracting financial support for student scholarships and advanced facilities for the Handley Page Laboratory

Our goal is to help secure the future of first-rate aeronautics education at City and ensure that the remarkable achievements of our predecessors continue to be celebrated for years to come.

We hope you will join us in a venture that, in its own way, is as exciting and challenging as those first, tentative forays into flight.

Aeronautics Centenary Campaign Brochure (pdf)

The Aeronautics Centenary Campaign aims to provide essential financial assistance and advanced facilities for students. We need your support to help us meet our goal.

Find out more about the campaign, including information on how you can make a donation.

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