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Farida Fataliyeva (Law 2008) is our alumni group coordinator for Azerbaijan. She is currently working as a Legal Consultant at SKN Electrical Services Ltd, a company providing rope access services for the oil and gas industries. 

Farida's is planning to organise some networking events for City alumni, to help them interact with each other and the University.

She also plans to host various events and activities to promote City in Azerbaijan, including participation at Educational Fairs, lectures at Educational Centres and Universities and a City University reception, where prospective students can meet alumni and the university's educational programmes can be presented.

Farida would also like to share the experience of her time at City through an orientation programme for students from Azerbaijan coming to study at City. This  would explain to them how to settle in London and answer their questions about studying in the UK. 

Overall, Farida's aim is to create a strong alumni network in Azerbaijan.