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Ahmed Zaker Chowdhary took the Bar Vocational Course in 2009 and the LL.M in 2011. He is currently an Associate at Dr. Kamal Hossain and Associates and a part-time lecturer at Bhuiyan Law Academy, Dhaka. 

He has taken on this role so that he can continue to interact and be involved with City. He plans to organise various events in the near future, including one on the 'Speed of Justice'.

Syed Emran Hossain also took the Bar Vocational Course at City in 2009. He is currently working as an Associate at one of the oldest law firms in Bangladesh, H & H Company. He also teaches law and writes on legal issues.

Syed enjoys socialising and plans to work with Ahmed to organise reunions, seminars, and other networking events for alumni.


Ahmed recently helped to organise an event for barristers' working in Bangladesh.

The President of the Barristers' Association of Bangladesh ("BAB"), alumnus Mr Ajmalul Hossain QC, hosted a 'President's Dinner' on 8 March 2012 in the Rupashi Bangla Hotel. Among the guests was the Honourable Law Minister and Honourable Chief Justice of Bangladesh. The dinner was free to all the members of BAB.

This event has provided young barristers, including me, an opportunity to meet many other barristers whom we did not know until today. This will definitely be very useful for us in our coming years of legal practice. Event attendee MunImu Rahman Khan Tushar

The Barristers' Association of Bangladesh seeks to address the professional needs of barristers in Bangladesh, or of Bangladeshi origin, through seminars, cultural events and publications.

The Association is currently made up of approximately 550 lawyers and jurists who serve society at the highest positions in both the private and public sectors.