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Harsheel Shah (Economics and Accountancy 2005) is our alumni group coordinator for Tanzania.

Harsheel says: "A decade ago, when I started thinking about my undergraduate studies, the Tanzanian education system was relatively weak. Inspired by my brother's previous academic success in London, I resolved to pursue my undergraduate degree in the U.K.

My dream crystallized in 2002 when I started attending City University London for a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Accountancy. I knew, at that time, there would be plenty of challenges that I would face as it was my first ever independent stay, away from my family. My time spent studying abroad was a process of self-discovery for me. I learnt a lot of things about myself and others through this international experience that I would never have learnt if I had stayed back home.

After a successful three years at City University I returned to Tanzania and started work at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the largest professional services organisation in the world. Starting off as an associate I was rapidly promoted up several levels with consistently outstanding performances. While working for PwC, I simultaneously studied for ACCA exams. I ended up achieving a worldwide bronze medal in the final exams and winning worldwide prizes in two individual papers. These achievements are a tribute to how well City University has groomed me to face challenges both at the workplace and in higher study levels.

In 2010, after more than four years with PwC, I felt it was time to move onto something that I had always aspired to do. I joined my father's business. The business deals with textiles and garments manufacturing and promotional printing. We are the leading company in Tanzania in our field and our vision is to cater for the needs of customers by providing quality products and services at reasonable prices, coupled with good after sales service to attract loyalty. I eventually hope to list my company on the local stock exchange and start exporting the products and services to other countries.

As a Tanzanian born and brought up, the country holds a special place in my heart. I have always wanted to return and give back to the country that made me what I am. I have the same passion for City University. By being an international contact for City, I have the opportunity to inform and enlighten fellow Tanzanians on why studying abroad is good and why City University is the right place to do it. I feel being an international contact will fulfil both my goals of giving back to my country and to my alma mater.

Some of the ways in which I would like to do this are:

  • Assisting University representatives from London and being a common point of contact between locals and the university.
  • Participate in career fairs and promote City University as the place to study
  • Hold counselling sessions/seminars with prospective students on what studying abroad would mean for them, their careers and how best to prepare for it
  • Create awareness of the City University brand among locals through word of mouth, blogs and social networks".