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South Africa

Marlan Padayachee (International Journalism 1989) is our alumni group coordinator for South Africa. He is currently Managing Editor of GreenGold Media and Publishing.

Like many South Africans of colour who were denied educational and career opportunities during the apartheid era, knows the high value of securing a university education.

After a decade as an activist-journalist, covering mainly the anti-apartheid movement within Africa and the United Kingdom, Marlan Padayachee was granted a British Council scholarship to study International Journalism at City. His studies in 1988-89 opened new vistas and provided insights into how the free press and democracy worked, enabling and empowering him to return to his native country to play a powerful role in journalism, social activism and the diplomatic corp.

In recognition of his frontline reportage, involvement and skills transfer in politics, social issues, education and championing the human rights of media workers and teachers, the United States Information Services awarded him International Visitor status. This further enhanced his professional and educational standing in an intensive tour that took him from the White House, United Nations to leading journalism schools and research / lobby institutions across many American cities.

Returning home, Marlan joined the journalism board, becoming its chairman, lectured part-time, facilitated industry-institution linkage and coordinated an international conference on media at the University of Natal before going to Rhodes University as a visiting lecturer.

By 2003, Marlan Padayachee wanted to add greater value to a developing democracy and became an independent media trainer, strategist, consultant, and freelance journalist. He also worked on student support, fundraising, bursary projects, conferences and workshops at the University of KwaZulu Natal.

But throughout this, Marlan Padayachee maintained his links with City and has taken on this role to 'give something back' to the University.

"I am very proud to have the honour of representing my alma mater and a world class university - this is an excellent networking, bridge-building and culturally-enriching opportunity.

I will draw on my both my local and international experience, expertise and skills to ensure that more and more young South Africans - tomorrow's academics, citizens and leaders - of all races and to include aspirant students from previously disadvantaged communities - are given opportunities to further their studies at City."

Cass Business School

We are pleased to welcome new volunteers in South Africa, Anthony Tendai Mandishona (MSc Actuarial Management 2004), Sebastian Ashong-Katai (MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance 1997), and Mncedisi Mayekiso (FT MBA 1999).

Our new volunteers are very excited about the new South African alumni group, networking opportunities it will present and the chance to promote Cass Business School in South Africa.

If you would like to get in touch with alumni in South Africa or find out about activities there please contact: