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Alumni and Supporters


Anne Frost (Arts Admin 1999).

About me:

I have worked as an arts manager since 1984 and an academic since 2000. My current role as Program Coordinator of a post-graduate Arts Management program at Humber College, Toronto keeps me in touch with the developing requirements of the field. I also consult as a Revenue Development Specialist in arts, cultural and heritage, bringing value to clients and also ensuring that classroom "case stories" are current and robust.

Why I am an Ambassador:

I'm primarily interested in maintaining a relationship with the program I attended, and secondarily with City as a whole. I would like to invite those interested in City to contact me about alumni events. With an intimate knowledge of Toronto's many arts, cultural and heritage spaces and activities, I am well-placed to collaborate with others to create opportunities for alumni/ae to meet and enjoy some time together.

Denys Volkov (Business with Cultural Studies 2003).

About me:

I have studied in the Ukraine, Britain and Canada. After obtaining a Bachelor (Hons.) degree in the U.K. I earned a Master of Public Administration degree from the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg, Canada in 2005. I served as a Senior Policy Analyst and Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Winnipeg until 2011 and am currently Director of Advocacy and Communications for the Association of Manitoba Municipalities.

Why I am an Ambassador:

I value my degree from City/Witan International College. I reside in Canada now where I would like to promote cooperation between other former students who also reside here. I believe in partnerships and the coordination of efforts between professionals.

Being an Ambassador will give me an opportunity to connect with alumni in Canada.

Alex Kitz (LLB 2009).

About me:

I am  Manager of Legal & Business Affairs for a Production Company, Insight. I am responsible for managing contractual relationships for Insight, ensuring compliance with broadcaster, funding agency, and tax credit requirements, and for negotiating broadcast licensing agreements. I also assist the scripted department with acquiring intellectual property rights. I trained at a national full-service firm and practiced commercial litigation at a mid-sized Toronto firm before joining Insight as legal counsel.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University, an LL.B. from City in London, England, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Toronto Law School. I was called to the Ontario Bar in 2014 and have published articles on a wide variety of legal issues ranging from product liability regulation to medical marijuana in schools.

Why I am an Ambassador:

As an alumnus who returned to Canada, I am well aware of the challenges associated with explaining an international degree to domestic institutions and employers.

I look forward to helping other graduates with this transition and connecting with other alumni.

Ahou Hamedani (LLB 2015).

About me:

Prior to City, I obtained a BA in Business Economics from York University in Toronto. My areas of interest are Mergers & Acquisitions, Transportation Law and Aerospace Law. I completed a thesis on Air Disaster Cases and Class Action Lawsuits in my final year at City.  I would like to establish my own Aerospace Law firm working between Toronto and London. Currently, however, as I go through the accreditation process I am the research associate at an insurance litigation firm.

Why I am an an Ambassador:

Education has always been extremely important to me and I have had the privilege of experiencing different educational systems around the world.. However, it was not until my time at City that I finally found out what it was like to learn, not only on your own, but with people by your side every step of the way, all wanting your success, whether it be your professors or classmates.

I received an unbelievable amount of advice and support while at City and I would like to do the same for alumni here so they can remain a part of the City community and keep the City legacy alive.

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