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Alumni and Supporters


Giordano Gomato (MA Global Political Economy 2013) is based in Rome and is currently working at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Italy within the Political Section.

About me:

Coming from a BA in International Studies with a strong background in Political Thought and History but poor in Economy, I decided a Masters in Global Political Economy was the best option for me, offering a sound understanding of the bigger picture of the relations between International Relations and Economics.

Why I am an Ambassador:

I had a great time at City, both from an academic and a social point of view. I would like others to know what it is like to be at City, give them the chance to ask questions of a recent graduate, persuade prospective students to join us and raise City's flag high!

An exchange of information with someone who has done what you want to do is very useful  - this is what I can offer: guidance for all my compatriots and whom ever wishes to know more.

Carla Buzzo (BSc Economics 2017) is from Genoa and is a current City student.

About me:

Before coming to City, I studied for two years at a boarding school in Surrey to complete my International Baccalaureate course and get the Diploma.

I am currently the student representative for Bsc Economics students and, since I got this role, I have been trying to satisfy all the students' requests. I have also worked in a chartered accountant's office, examining and translating contracts.

I really like getting involved in different activities - you can ask me anything about sports, events and places in London!

Why I am an Ambassador:

The internationality of City is what has attracted me the most when I first applied. I like talking to people and sharing my experiences and would love to be helpful for anyone currently living in or from my home country. Moving to a different place, especially a city like London when there is so much going on, can be a challenge if you are not well directed. I do not want people to lose themselves or feel uncomfortable in what is an amazing environment where people can enjoy their time so much. I would like to address people both before and during their stay at City, make them feel at home and be ready to answer their questions.

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