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Alumni and Supporters

Antigua and Barbuda

Roberto Falangola (MA Global Political Economy 2014) is based in London but travels frequently to Antigua. He is currently a Project Officer for the High Commission for Antigua and Barbuda in London .

About me:

I am an Italian born Antiguan and Barbudan national. As a young boy, I grew up on the beach fishing and climbing coconut-trees. Today, I am employed by the High Commission for Antigua and Barbuda in London as Projects Officer.
As Project Officer, I am responsible for reviewing and developing, in conjunction with the High Commissioner, quality standard project proposals. I ensure all projects are effectively resourced, funded and managed through relationship building and research development.
My love for the sun, sea and sand has never lost its way. However, I have managed to indulge in the many beauties of London.
City University offered me a multicultural and empowering environment to which I will be forever grateful. It was my starting point, and I want it to be yours too.

Why I am an ambassador:

I wish to share with my fellow Caribbean nationals, and wider youth of the world, all the great opportunities that City has to offer.
More so, I want to inspire young people to participate in higher education by exploring, in conjunction with City, scholarship opportunities and exchange programs.
Finally, I am interested in this role because it represents freedom. I strongly believe education is the most powerful weapon to combat oppression, and I intend to uphold this belief, throughout my personal and professional life.

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