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Hong Kong

Benjamin Hari (Master of Science in Air Safety Management 2015) is an Airline Pilot on the Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A330-300.

About me:

I am a former train driver and instructor at Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS). I am now an Associate Member (AMRAeS) of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Associate Member of The Honourable Company of Air Pilots (former GAPAN) and Member of Flight Safety Foundation.

Why I am an Ambassador:

I am a passionate airline pilot at Cathay Pacific Airways and spent several years in commercial railway and air transport industry as a train driver and flight crew member. Those valuable professional experiences and the interesting people I met over the years have given me deep insights into the interactions between humans and a complex machine.

To expand my knowledge in this interesting scientific field, I have completed a Master of Science in Air Safety Management with majors in human factors and accident investigation. It is my passion to analyse the complex relations between front-line professionals such as airline pilots or train drivers and the technological and organisational factors influencing their task management – and sharing obtained conclusions and recommendations with interested people.

By writing scientific articles for magazines, participating in conferences and meeting safety professionals from different transport industries, I am contributing to the safety of railway and air transport.

When I am not working, I enjoy exercising outdoors with running, hiking and cycling. I am also mentoring young aspiring people wishing to work in aviation industry. As a founder and administrator of a large Quizlet study class for Airbus pilots, I am in touch with numerous colleagues from all over the world. I like to travel by train or by air and get to know new countries and their people.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or an idea to share.

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