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Alumni and Supporters

Become an Alumni Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in being an official contact of the City, University of London Alumni Network for your local area. Over 25 per cent of our alumni live outside the UK, so local contacts abroad are invaluable in helping us develop a global community.

  • Find an Ambassador in your area.
  • We are currently not recruiting new Alumni Ambassadors. However please contact us should you have any questions about the programme.

If there isn't already an Ambassador and you would like to volunteer for the role, we would love to hear from you! The time commitment involved will vary depending on the number of alumni in your area and the extent to which you want to encourage local activity.
However, you will be expected to take on the role with a strong allegiance to City, University of London and its alumni. The Alumni Relations Office will assist you with administration and publicity and, where agreed, funding for specific related activities.

What are the requirements of the role?

  • You must be an alumnus of City who has completed a course of study at undergraduate or postgraduate level
  • You will be the contact for City alumni in your local area and have your contact details featured on our web pages
  • You will work closely with the local Alumni Group committee, where one exists, to organise alumni networking activities or social events
  • You will help City build and strengthen its profile in your local area.
  • You will meet prospective City students
  • You will have a desire to promote and advocate City locally to work with colleagues and prospective students
  • You will work with the City Alumni Team on alumni engagement in line with existing communication channels. New social media groups should only be set up in collaboration with the City Alumni Team
  • You will provide support for Careers related activities including providing advice and guidance on local employment and recruitment markets, identifying potential local opportunities for internships and paid work experience and introducing business contacts to the Careers Service for giving possible careers advice.

Alumni Ambassadors may also be asked to:

  • Assist members of City's Recruitment Team at local student recruitment and education fairs
  • Engage on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Support the organisation of an annual 'send-off' party for new City students before they leave their home country
  • Support the organisation of a 'welcome home' party for alumni returning to their home country or alumni who move to the area
  • Where appropriate, support local fundraising initiatives including helping to identify local sources of philanthropic support for City led fundraising initiatives, helping to facilitate meetings with local sources of philanthropic income and providing guidance on local customs and practice
  • Represent City in initial meetings with other third parties such as local academic institutions where a relationship with City might benefit both parties.

What is the time commitment?

  • The time commitment involved will vary depending on the number of alumni in your area and the extent to which you want to encourage local activity.
  • We would expect you to take on the role with a strong allegiance to City and our alumni.
  • City Alumni Ambassadors are encouraged to work closely with Alumni Ambassadors of Cass Business School to create positive relationships across the entire City alumni network.

How will your contact details be used?

  • A brief biography, photograph and contact details will be posted on the City, University of London and Cass alumni websites
  • Information about Alumni Ambassadors’ activities may be submitted for publication on a designated website page, newsletter and / or magazine
  • City staff may also give Alumni Ambassadors’ details to alumni and prospective students on request.

How do we support Alumni Ambassadors?

  • We will supply administrative support for events
  • We will provide financial support for events on a case-by-case basis
  • We will give advance notice of visits by staff members
  • We will be provide a list of admitted students and returning alumni.

How do Alumni groups and committees work?

  • When there are more than three Alumni Ambassadors in one given city, then an Alumni Group may be created.
  • Membership to the Alumni Group is free and open to all City alumni who have successfully completed their course.
  • Each Alumni Group should consist of a President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer to form the core Committee. Additional roles may be created where necessary but are not required to form a Committee. The appointments of the core Committee will then be reviewed for approval by the Head of Alumni Services.
  • Each Alumni Committee member should serve a minimum one-year term. The appointment will be reviewed on a yearly basis by the Group in conjunction with the Head of Alumni Services.
  • The outgoing President may choose to remain in the Alumni Committee in an advisory role. When a President decides to leave the Committee, the City Alumni Team will help identify a replacement. Any other vacancies on the Committee can be filled by agreement of the majority of the Group members.
  • Each Alumni Committee should meet at least twice a year. At the beginning of each calendar year the Alumni Committee should prepare a plan of events for the year ahead and submit it to the Head of Alumni Services.

Terms and Conditions

  • The role of Alumni Ambassador will normally be for two years with the possibility of renewal based on mutual agreement between the Alumni Ambassador and the City Alumni Relations Team.  If an Alumni Ambassador no longer wishes to represent City, University of London or doesn’t comply with the terms of the appointment, the role may be terminated.
  • The City and Cass logos (which are registered trademarks), may only be used in connection with official City information and with the approval of the institution.
  • All written or electronic communications sent personally by an Ambassador must include a disclaimer to indicate that the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of City, University of  London or City, University of London Alumni Network.
  • All contact data for local alumni must be held in accordance with City’s Data Protection Policy and should be treated confidentially and with sensitivity for the benefit of City, University of London and its members. This data is available to you upon request and after receipt of a signed data protection agreement.

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