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Alumni and Supporters

Organising your own reunion

Would you like to get-together with old friends and former classmates from your time at City?

Mathematical Science 1975Why not organise a reunion event so that you can all catch up on your post-City adventures?

Mathematical Science alumna Lis Barlow Jones recently organised a reunion for her City friends, who all started together in 1972 (pictured right). They met in The Peasant pub on St. John Street and came over to City afterwards for a short tour led by a member of the Alumni Team.

Who to include

Decide who to invite e.g. alumni from your year, course, club or residence hall. What about spouses, children and former lecturers?

Pull together a small group of reliable people to help you plan and host the event.


If you are already in contact with your group and most live locally, you may be able to pull the event together swiftly. If you want people who now live abroad to come you should fix the date as much as a year in advance so that they can plan holidays etc.

Will you hold the event on a weekend or midweek? In the evening, all day, or over a whole weekend? Bear in mind important dates such as school holidays and holy days of obligation.


Possible venues include City's facilities, such as Ten Squared, a local restaurant or someone's home.

Put together a program

Consider ideas such as:

  • A meal and mingling
  • A tour of old haunts (at City and beyond)
  • A seminar or debate on a topic of shared interest
  • A display of photos or memorabilia from your years at City.

Send out invitations and publicise your reunion

Send us the details of the people you want to invite and we will contact them on your behalf. In respect of people's privacy and the UK Data Protection Act, we will NOT release anyone's contact details to you without their explicit permission. We have copies of graduation programs since 1966 and a database of over 100,000 alumni (graduates and former staff) that is kept as up to date as possible. We rely on our alumni to let us know when their contact details change and there are many people, particularly those from earlier years, with whom we have lost touch. If you have City friends that you know do not regularly receive communications from us, please ask them to update their details.

In addition to sending out invitations, we can post details of your reunion on this website and in our magazine and blog / e-bulletin.

We can also manage RSVP's on your behalf.

After your reunion

Don't forget to send us your photos and let us know how it all went so that we can share your update in the next edition of City magazine!

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