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Alumni and Supporters

World Class Research

With over 100 years of pioneering research, City has broken new ground in thought and academic study.  This is only achievable with investment in students and it is important for this investment to continue.

nullThe City Future Fund provides travel bursaries of up to £1000 for self-funded doctoral students to present their research at prestigious international conferences. This is a key milestone for our next generation of researchers, and is a wonderful opportunity to network with influential individuals and find new opportunities for developing their work.

You can read here about three students who have benefitted this year from the support of our generous donors:

Becky Moss

Becky is a second year PhD candidate in Language and Communication Science at City. With the help of a City Future Fund Travel Bursary, in June 2014 Becky was able to attend the International Aphasia Rehabilitation Conference in The Hague.

Aphasia is a language and communication impairment which affects speaking, understanding, reading and writing, usually as a result of a brain injury. It occurs in around one third of people who have a stroke. IARC is the largest international conference in the field, and brought together over 200 delegates from 19 countries, which made for some spirited evenings watching the World Cup!

Our hosts had put together a stimulating and considered schedule, with a wide range of research topics such as neurology, randomised controlled trials and the social and emotional impact of living with aphasia. Most pertinent to me, a number of exciting projects using technology to support communication were presented. I was privileged to present a poster about my own PhD research using voice recognition software to compensate for writing impairments, and made several new links which I hope will result in future post-doctoral collaborative work.

Anna Lambrechts

Anna is completing her third year of her PhD in Psychology. She attended the International Meeting for Autism Research in Atlanta in June 2014 with help from the City Future Fund travel bursary.

My research looks at the perception of time in Autism Spectrum Disorders and its implications for communicative behaviour. I was lucky enough to be awarded the City Future Fund scholarship which allowed me to attend the largest international conference in the field of autism research in Atlanta. This meeting is the ideal place to get first-hand information about the latest results and directions in this field of research, and to hear quality talks from an interdisciplinary range of speakers. It also allowed me to present my ideas and results to a specialist audience and receive feedback on my research so far.

This was also a unique opportunity for me to meet people with similar interests and for networking. Attending this year's IMFAR made it possible for me to exchange with a colleague from Aarhus, Netherlands and to plan a collaborative project for which he will spend some time at City in November 2014.

I am very grateful to the City Future Fund to have made all this possible, and in general for allowing me to take a step forward in my research and in my professional development.

Jan Teichmann

Jan is completing his PhD in Mathematical Biology and attended the 9th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology in Gothenburg this June.

The ECMTB is one of the most important and significant conferences in the field of theoretical Biology and only takes place every 3 years. This was the perfect place to introduce my methodology and present my results to the wider field of theoretical biologists. This has been crucial as it is the most effective way to get important feedback and exposure for a new methodology.

The travel bursary was vital in funding my attendance at ECMTB. Without the financial support from the City Future Fund I would not have been able to attend the complete conference and I would have missed out on plenty of interesting presentations and discussions.

All in all the conference has been a great success for me with plenty of interesting new directions and opportunities. Last but not least, my contribution to the conference has been positively recognised and and I was awarded a shared prize for the best talk. This will be of great importance for my future prospects of establishing myself as a researcher within the field, and I am very grateful to the City Future Fund for giving me this opportunity.

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