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Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating circumstances are managed in accordance with the Assessment Regulations and Extenuating Circumstances Policy which can be found in Section 6 of the Quality Manual.  You may also find it helpful to refer to the Extenuating Circumstances flowchart for a simple overview of the procedure. 

From the start of the academic year, if you believe that you have been subject to extenuating circumstances you must make a claim no more than 7 calendar days after the affected assessment. You will need to do the following:

  1. Read the current Extenuating Circumstances form and accompanying guidance
  2. If you believe your extenuating circumstances meet the criteria then complete the form and assemble your supporting evidence. A Word version of the form is also available under Section 6 of the Quality Manual.
  3. Submit your form and supporting evidence to the contact in your School/ Validated Institution - the contact will be given in your Programme Handbook or Course Handbook.