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About City


Management of City's sustainability objectives.

City's Environmental Sustainability Policy and overall sustainability objectives are managed and monitored by the Sustainability Committee.

The Sustainability Committee is responsible to the University's Executive Council (ExCo).  The Committee is made up of staff and students from different areas across the institution and is chaired by Professor Ken Grattan, Dean of the Graduate School, who is a member of ExCo.

The Sustainability Committee aims to:

  • Embed sustainability within all of City's activities involving both students and staff
  • Develop and report on progress on the integration of education for sustainable development into the curriculum
  • Develop action plans and targets to ensure continual improvement against all areas of the People & Planet Green League (City's strategic key performance indicator for environmental sustainability)
  • Monitor and report on performance against City's key performance indicator
  • Ensure effective communication of achievements within and outside the institution
  • Identify opportunities for enhancing the profile of the Sustainability Committee
  • Report to ExCo twice a year and to Council annually through the submission of an Annual Sustainability Report.

Committee members are:

CHAIR – Prof Ken Grattan (Dean of Graduate School)
DEPUTY CHAIR – Jason Clarke (Head of Sustainability)
SECRETARY – Suzanne Thomas (PA to Dean of Graduate School)

School Representatives
Prof Paul Palmer (Professor and Associate Dean, Faculty of Management, Cass Business School)
Prof Peter Fleming (Professor, Faculty of Management, Cass Business School)
Grietje Baars (Lecturer, City Law School)
Connie St Louis (Programme Director, Journalism, School of Arts and Social Sciences)
Dr Lara Zibarras (Lecturer, Psychology, School of Arts and Social Sciences)
Dr Javier Ortega (Lecturer, Economics, School of Arts and Social Sciences)
Prof Martin Fry (Visiting Professor, School of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science)
Konstantina Vogiatzaki (Lecturer, School of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science)
Dr Catherine Suttle (Senior Lecturer, Optometry, School of Health Sciences)

Professional Services
Maggie Cunningham (Head of Student Experience, Student and Academic Services)
Michelle Preston (Head of Student Services, Student and Academic Services)
Bill Thompson (Head of Sport and Leisure, Student and Academic Services)
Patrick Baughan (Senior Lecturer, Learning Development Centre, Learning Enhancement & Development)
Suri Araniyasundaran  (Head of Financial Services)
Henry Vivian-Neal (Procurement Manager)
Sally Sambrook (Leadership and Staff Development Consultant, HR)
Jennifer Hircock (Leadership and Staff Development Consultant, HR)
Eric McIntosh (Enterprise Architect, Information Services)
Robert Clarke (IT Business Relationship Manager, Information Services)
Demetri Petrou (Internal Communications Officer, Marketing and Communications)
Jason Clarke (Head of Sustainability, Property and Facilities)

Students’  Union
Issy Cooke (President)
Umar Chaudhery (Vice President, Education)
Yusuf Ahmad (Vice President, Activities)

Union Representatives
Simon Bralee (Unite)
Martin Chivers (UCU)

Environmental Management

City has developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) to manage its environmental aspects and impacts and to help integrate sustainability into its daily services and activities.

City's EMS has been certified to ISO 14001, the international standard for Environmental Management Systems.

The fully functioning EMS provides a framework for monitoring, measuring and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets.

The Sustainability Committee is responsible for managing and reviewing the EMS and reports on progress against objectives within the Annual Sustainability Report which is published on the website.

For further information about the Sustainability Committee or the Environmental Management System, please contact sustainable_city@city.ac.uk.

Sustainability Team

Contact the team at sustainable_city@city.ac.uk or 020 7040 8053

Jason Clarke - Head of Sustainability (full time), responsible for Environmental Management System, strategy and utilities

Eleanor Simes - Sustainability Officer (full time), responsible for biodiversity, food, travel and waste management

Afua Yeboa-Henaku - Sustainability Engagement Coordinator (full time), responsible for staff and student engagement

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