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City and the Environment

Welcome to The Point - a roundup of City's environmental policies, initiatives and achievements

thepointWhat is The Point?

The Point is all about City, the environment and you.

The Point is to make City a greener and more sustainable university.


Think you know what happens to recycled stuff once it leaves City?  Check out the new video below The Secret Life of Rubbish.

City's environmental initiatives

City University London is recognised for its environmental achievements. We aim to create a sustainable working and learning environment by systematically improving our energy efficiency and use of resources, by integrating principles of sustainability into corporate strategies and operational procedures, and by raising awareness of environmental issues amongst our staff, students and the wider community.

To read more about City's green initiatives, check out the follow Environment pages:

A new Students' Green Fund is also available for students wishing to set up their own sustainability project at City or in the local community.  This new Green Dragons' project will enable students to increase their employability by developing entrepreneurship, team building, leadership and lobbying skills.

For more information about City's environmental initiatives, please contact the Environment Team at environment@city.ac.uk.

Download The Point PDF.