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City, University of London

At City, University of London we recognise the value of our staff. The recruitment, retention and development of high calibre, appropriately qualified, enthusiastic and motivated people who are committed to contributing to City's success is key to the future of the institution.

We provide a wide range of development and training opportunities, designed to meet the needs of all categories of staff. Our aim is to equip our staff to carry out their role to a high standard and to take on new responsibilities when the opportunity occurs, whether within the same job or if moving into a new position.

Teaching and learning development

The Learning Enhancement and Development supports staff and learners to create new and responsive learning opportunities. It encompasses academic practice, educational development and technology-enhanced learning. Our vision for learning development is centred on three inter-related principles which are: Partnership - learning is conversation, Play - learning is fun and Practice - learning is development. We provide support though courses including the MA Academic Practice, seminars, school liaison teams, mentoring and consultancy and we hold an annual staff conference focused on learning and teaching.

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Researcher development

Research plays an integral role within City and is a core focus for all of our academic Schools. The development of our researchers - academic and research staff and our doctoral students - is a critical part of our overall mission. In addition to a range of services to support research and enterprise activities, we provide an annual Researcher Development programme for both staff who are new to research and academics who want to develop further skills or make a greater impact with their research. Our own senior academics contribute their expertise to many of the events, for example to help less experienced staff put together strong funding proposals, manage projects once funding is obtained, supervise research students effectively and write better publications.

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Leadership development

Our recognition that excellent leadership is crucial to our continued success is reflected in our commitment to and investment in a range of development opportunities for staff designed to enhance and develop our leadership and management capacity at all levels. Our comprehensive development provision offered through the Leadership and Staff Development Unit includes full programmes, workshops, action learning, coaching, mentoring and online resources.

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Meeting the needs of staff new to City

We want our staff to understand what is expected of them and how City's systems and procedures work. In addition to Institution and local School or Department induction sessions which provide general information (covering topics such as educational development, marketing and brand, trade unions, and sustainability), new staff are expected to attend courses on equality and diversity awareness and basic health and safety. Training also covers our appraisal system and, for those who are new to the higher education sector, how the UK higher education system works.

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Skills training to meet particular role requirements

This includes training on the use of our student records and finance systems, data protection and freedom of information, how to create and maintain webpages, finance and purchasing for those involved in managing budgets, recruitment and selection of staff, first aid, manual handling and advanced health and safety certification. Training is also provided as needed to address new external developments, for example dealing with changing visa requirements for international students. Staff are also supported to develop their personal effectiveness through self-management and interpersonal skills training such as assertiveness and time management.

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Access to City evening courses at a discount

We also offer a range of evening courses which are open to the public and in some cases are available to City staff at a 50% discount on the course fee. Subjects include small business management, marketing, coaching and business skills, computer programming and systems, website development, languages (Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish), cultural & creative industries and creative and business writing.

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